The rise of the Granfluencer


Although TikTok is reputed for being the virtual playground of teenagers and young adults, senior sensations are crashing the party…

@Grandma_Droniak is a TikTok sensation. If you’re interested in the numbers, she currently has 8.7 million followers on TikTok and 973,000 on Instagram. She’s also 93 years old.

Last month’s viral piece was one of her contributions to the ‘get ready with me’ (#GRWM) trend, where people film themselves getting dressed for a specific activity – in this case, G-ma Droniak is going to visit her gravestone. “They’ve just put my name on it, and I wanna see it,” she says with truly iconic sass.

Granfluencer’s are using TikTok to build their personal brands amassing millions of fans of all ages, who enjoy their skits, life advice and entertaining stories.

Whether they’re self-made influencers or creating content with the help of their grandkids, they’ve become an interesting alternative to the typical ads.

– Nicola Bartoli, co-founder of the influencer Marketing Factory


TikTok’s popularity as a platform lies in its ability to facilitate a sense of community. That’s because people aren’t there to consume the highly polished, inauthentic content of platforms past. And that goes for all ages.

They’re seeking out content that champions diverse voices, makes them feel good, creates a sense of nostalgia, and evokes an emotional connection – whether it’s based on shared interests, sense of humour, or the transfer of knowledge.

It’s a testament to the power of content and its capacity to connect and bridge generational divides and transcend age stereotypes.