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For 20 years we've earned attention by putting people first. We understand the audience deeply, consider how a brand can meaningfully exist in their lives, and then join the dots through clever ideas and communications. It's a simple approach that leads to effective work.

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Working as one

Drives a

The average person doesn't see the world in owned, earned or paid and neither do we. When a brief comes into Keep Left, we assemble a team of diverse thinkers from across the agency who twist it and turn it until they arrive at the right (left) solution, always with the audience in mind. We call this Wholebrain Thinking, and it leads to the Multiplier Effect.


Our value
lies in our

We’re not afraid to change what we do - but we’ll never change who we are. Our values guide how we work - internally, and with our clients.


Embrace unlikeminded

Empathy starts with curiosity.

We appreciate the complexity of the human brain and the diversity of opinions people hold. Relentless curiosity sees us go beyond our familiar corners, pop our own bubbles and welcome new perspectives. We make work for a world that’s broader than the inner-city, and we love questioning our own (and others’) opinions.

Co- create

The outcome belongs to everyone.

Integrated thinking takes integrated working. And not just with each other - with our clients, too. We want you to own the work as much as we do. It’s what inspires us, pushes us and makes what we do fun. Creativity’s not a magic trick, it’s a process. And we want everyone involved.

Watch each other’s backs

We are a team of co-pilots.

One of our clients calls this our “spinach in the teeth value”. We look out for each other, and our clients, pointing out if we’re heading somewhere off track. A problem for one of us is a problem for all of us, so it’s in our DNA to roll up the sleeves and offer a hand before it’s asked for. We win together, learn together, and respect each other as humans first, colleagues second.

Go- further

Good enough, ain’t good enough.

Even our most creative campaigns answer to brand tracking and analytics. We're committed to not just making, but demonstrating impact - on your bottom line, in hearts and minds, and in real world behaviours. Put simply: if we need to push to get a result that’s materially better, we’re there for it.

Care for the craft

Respect the work, and what’s involved.

Look, we've got high standards. Quality of work matters, along with mastery of our skills and stewardship of ideas through to impactful results. Given the number of people we have working here from all works of life, it’s important we respect one another’s expertise and the time it takes to deliver great work. Efficacy is our priority. No smoke and mirrors here.

Meet the lefties

Our people

We are a diverse team of specialists and generalists with that shared goal of making stuff people love.

Caroline Catterall


Gillian Gosling
Managing Partner


Tim Lele
National PR Director


Johanna Murray
General Manager, Integration


Blair Kimber
Executive Creative Director


Jessica Williams
Client Services Director


Larissa Thorne
Director, Digital and Content


Laura Agricola
Strategy Director


Verity Lowe
Client Services Director