Impact Score by Keep Left

Cloud-based evaluation and reporting tool that measures the true value of PR

The Impact Score allows our clients to better understand the quality and overall impact of their earned media coverage as it relates to their specific goals and objectives.

The platform’s algorithm grades each piece of media coverage out of a possible score of 100.  The higher the score, the greater the impact.

Now available via a digital dashboard, the Impact Score provides Keep Left’s clients with live reporting to support a more data-driven approach to public relations.

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“Guide Dogs have worked with Keep Left for the past seven years. We introduced the Impact Score as part of our earned media analysis when it launched in 2014. It ensures activity is always results-driven and based on Guide Dogs’ overarching communications objectives.”

Charlie Spendlove, Head of Marketing & Communications at Guide Dogs Victoria and NSW/ACT

“The Impact Score sets Keep Left apart from other agencies. Being able to easily understand the impact of our earned media helps demonstrate the value of our investment and public relations initiatives to all stakeholders.”

Mardia Sakarintr, Marketing Team Lead at Flow Power