painting the town teal


Establishing Monique Ryan’s brand in the community of Kooyong in the 2022 Federal election, and helping to change the landscape of Australian politics.



As the 2022 election approached, a wave of independent candidates set themselves up to take on some of Australia’s safest Liberal seats. For local paediatric neurologist Monique Ryan, she needed to make a bit of noise to take on Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.



We partnered with political strategists Populares to take their direction (“teal”), messaging and policy platform, and turn it into a brand the Kooyong community got behind. We built a brand identity that emphasised Dr Ryan’s credibility and core focus area of climate policy, integrity and gender equality, along with all her collateral – bumper stickers, cinema ads, social posts, t-shirts, building wraps, and print.



You couldn’t go far in Kooyong without seeing Dr Ryan’s face or the colour teal. The brand even found its way onto the side of a pub (directly under an OOH placement for Mr Frydenberg). And, while we wouldn’t want to take credit for the amazing campaign Dr Ryan ran (or her resounding win), according to our partner agency, Populares, our ads were seen an average of 251 times over the course of the campaign.