Making memories in the kitchen


Delivering NEFF’s first brand campaign in the Australian market by showing that kitchens are for more than just cooking – it’s where life happens and memories are made.



Buying a new appliance only happens once in a blue moon, so when it comes to brand salience, the category is sewn up by a few key players. For NEFF, we needed to deliver a campaign that set them apart from competitors.



People value their kitchens not just for what they churn out, but also for what they bring in: friends, family, loved ones. We developed a creative platform for NEFF called “Made for a Lifetime of Moments” to show how NEFF appliances underpin a lifetime of living.


KLCaseStudy_NEFF_Moments_Image Slide Show1 KLCaseStudy_NEFF_Moments_Image Slide Show2


This campaign successfully shifted the conversation from food to family for NEFF, helping to secure an emotional place in the hearts and minds of its consumer and elevating the NEFF brand beyond rationale attributes. The “Moments” campaign showed off NEFF’s German engineering in the context of the lifestyle it affords, driving increased consideration and enquiries.