Hidden Retreat


Driving adventure, discovery and unparalleled fan-engagement for Kathmandu’s summer camping range by promoting the outdoors.



Adventure has always been at the heart of Kathmandu’s business. So, to promote its new summer camping range, Kathmandu didn’t want people to just come into their stores, but to embrace their inner explorer and get outdoors.


We created a live scavenger hunt called the ‘Hidden Retreat’ where fans could unlock a series of clues on social media to find a secret campsite hidden in Australia’s great outdoors.

The incentive was a $6000 Kathmandu kit for the first person to find the campsite – a prize that attracted some of the country’s most enthusiastic adventurers.

And the online conversation was overwhelming, too. Engagement on Kathmandu’s webpage was so high that organic reach outperformed paid reach, allowing the paid campaign to be turned off.


The campaign successfully enticed more than 100 people to travel to Kinglake on the day of the scavenger hunt in search of Kathmandu’s grand prize.
It also reached 3.9 million people through eight pieces of earned editorial content via Concrete Playground, The Urban List and Pedestrian TV.

Kathmandu’s own social media channels also performed extremely well with 1,031,029 impressions, 226,957 video views and 16,000 engagements recorded in the lead up to the competition.