Getting financially fit in six weeks


Motivating Australians to feel good about their finances with six easy steps to get on top of their money.



The Australian Open was on the horizon and ANZ needed a fresh way to get Aussies thinking about their Financial Wellbeing. They challenged us to explore the research and their target audiences to get the ball rolling on a new program experience.



Armed with the knowledge that it takes 66 days (or roughly 6 weeks) to cement a habit, we designed the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Challenge. This was rolled out via two email courses designed to help Australians take active steps to improve their financial wellbeing, no matter where they’re at. Across 6 weeks and 8 emails, we challenged them to take the next step with videos, tips, challenges and worksheets, supported with tools and articles in the Financial Wellbeing Hub.


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Over 18,000 people signed up to complete the six-week program, with the Challenge driving over 273k visitors to the Financial Wellbeing hub. Results for our emails were well above industry benchmarks, with an average open rate of 55% (industry average 20%), and an average click-through rate of 37% (industry average 5%) to the ANZ’s Financial Wellbeing Calculator.