Positive environmental impact


Showing Australians how redefining the type of work you do can create positive change to the environment and all our livelihoods.



GreenCollar exists to value the environment and drive positive impact at scale. To achieve this, it needs a strong pipeline of projects across Australia, while simultaneously increasing demand for its credits from corporate and government buyers.



We created the brand platform “That’s Green Collar Work” to represent any type of work that leads to positive environmental and business outcomes. This encompasses the work individual landholders do day-in and day-out to better manage their operations, as well as the decisions made in large corporations to support the environment. It’s all Green Collar Work at the end of the day. The campaign aims to reframe offsets in the minds of the target audiences, position GreenCollar as the clear market leader and build brand equity.


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The core campaign objectives were to drive brand awareness and lead generation. The campaign has generated 2 million impressions and created 800+ click-throughs to the website. There has been a significant uplift in lead generation with a 100% increase from the previous year. We’re also seeing a greater than 60% completion rate of our video content – well above industry averages.