Upskill your Financial Wellbeing with ANZ and Louis Hanson


Keep Left has launched a content series ‘Upskill your Financial Wellbeing’ for ANZ, hosted on YouTube starring influencer, writer and comedic content creator, Louis Hanson. 


The series provides viewers with the skills and information they need to upskill their financial wellbeing and feel good about their money. Over twelve three-minute episodes, Hanson tackles common questions people are typically afraid to ask supported with digestible tips and insight from ANZ’s team of experts – Jade Khao and Liana Cauchi. 


The campaign is built on the insight that Aussies are more focused on the health of their personal finances following COVID, and more than ever are looking to online video content for help and guidance. The partnership with Louis Hanson provides tips and tools to help Australians improve their financial wellbeing in a relatable and engaging way by saying “It’s ok, I didn’t know that either”. 


Keep Left and ANZ identified an opportunity to extend ANZ’s Financial Wellbeing content marketing program to YouTube as the world’s second-largest search engine. Its customers were using YouTube as a search engine for their financial questions and needed content native to the platform.  


The first twelve episodes of ‘Upskill Your Financial Wellbeing’ respond to the highest-ranked search terms for personal finance on Google, to ensure ANZ is answering the most burning questions people have. This includes everything from the impact of interest rates on home loans to superannuation explained and how to create a passive income.  



Blair Kimber, Executive Creative Director at Keep Left explained, “Banking content on YouTube can be dry or contrived. We wanted this to feel like native content that everyone from Gen Z to young parents would enjoy watching. In doing so we hope to give Australians the tips and tools they need to improve their financial wellbeing.”  


Rossana Lambardi, Media and Partnerships Lead at ANZ said, “Our experts had great fun working with Louis. He genuinely didn’t know the answers to most of these questions, and Jade and Liana were more than happy to explain it to him – and the rest of Australia – in terms we can all understand. 


“We hope this campaign helps Australians understand that when it’s time to upskill their financial wellbeing, ANZ has the tips, tools and content to help them,” Rossana added. 


Paid media, planned and bought by PHD across social and native, will continue until September 2023, which reflects the evergreen nature of the content. Paid spots have also run with influencer and host Louis Hanson on Instagram, where he has 107k followers. 


Full creative concepting and strategy, talent management, and production of all creative assets was planned and executed by Keep Left. 


Check out the full case study here.