Upskilling Australia's financial literacy one joke at a time.

To make good on ANZ’s promise to help improve Australia’s financial wellbeing, we helped the big 4 bank answer all the financial questions that young Aussies are too afraid to ask – and helped the medicine go down with a little bit of comedy.     


They don’t teach you the good stuff at school – the real life skills you need to tackle taxes, debt, mortgages, loans and insurance. So many Australians grow up embarrassed that we don’t know what capital gains means. Or why our budgets keep failing. And either we’re too ashamed to ask, or the explanation we’re given is too complex and boring.  


In an engaging YouTube series, we got one of Australia’s bravest young comedians to ask the common financial questions on all of our minds. Over 12 episodes and various cut-downs, Louis Hanson got vulnerable and said, “it’s okay, I didn’t know either” while sitting down (or see-sawing with) an ANZ expert who has the answers.  

With the knowledge that banking content on YouTube can be dry or contrived, we wanted this to feel like native content that everyone from Gen Z to young parents would enjoy watching, helping ANZ own an educational, helpful voice on the platform.  

The Results

The “Upskill your Financial Wellbeing” series was a fresh and effective way to bring ANZ’s core brand promise to life: to help people and communities thrive through financial wellbeing.  

It ultimately de-stigmatised financial literacy, encouraged vulnerability and empowered people to ask for help – going a long way to improve Australia’s financial literacy.