Building a brand to start a movement


Bringing to life Australia’s largest emissions reduction project at a government level and educating the community about the benefits of power purchase agreements.



In 2020, 46 Victorian councils joined forces to implement Australia’s largest ever emissions reduction project undertaken by local government. They needed a name, logo, visual identity and messaging to explain who they were and what they were about. Then they needed a suite of creative assets and a launch plan to tell Australia (and the world) about this amazing initiative.


Working in close partnership with multiple local councils across Victoria, we created a memorable name and cohesive visual language to frame the project – the Victorian Energy Collaboration or VECO. We developed a suite of content that showed the depth and scale of the VECO initiative all of which was hosted on a new VECO website and made available to participating councils via a toolkit. Our sustainability credentials and clean energy experience made us well placed to guide the local government and industry stakeholders through a range of communications challenges and arrive at a really strong value proposition.