Life in many parts of the dairy industry starts art dawn – and not just milking cows. Our mission was to shine a light on the great work Fonterra does supporting its greatest asset: the farmers.


To demonstrate its commitment to making a positive difference in Aussie dairy communities, Fonterra wanted to showcase its ‘Good Together’ philosophy and connect on an emotional level with local audiences. To raise awareness and build positive sentiment, we told real, impactful stories that hit close to home.

Working directly with Fonterra’s regional teams, we uncovered authentic examples of how the business shows up for farming communities, and humanised the brand through real-life documentary shorts and written content across paid, earned and owned media.

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The Results

Our content took the ‘Good Together’ messaging into the hearts and homes of local farming communities across Australia. Over a three-month period, we positively influenced the perception of Fonterra, reaching 225k people with an average frequency of 3x across the campaign. The content was heartfelt, engaging and resonated highly with our target audience.