Channel 31/44 (CTV+)

Bringing grassroots TV to the mainstream

Enticing new viewers into the wild and wonderful world of community-made TV by celebrating the most unique Australia-made programming available at your fingertips on the freshly-launched CTV+ streaming app.  


Despite their continued role in unearthing new TV talent and supporting a healthy funnel of up-and-coming shows, Australia’s last remaining community TV stations Channel 31 & 44 hadn’t been in market with consumerfacing comms for 30 years. To celebrate the launch of their new streaming app CTV+, we needed to reintroduce Australian communities to the kinds of unique content you can only find on community TV, and bring in a new generation of viewers looking for something different.  


We designed the “Watch Different” campaign to showcase the incredible range of different shows C31/44 has on offer and invite community members to consume TV that is just a little different to what you get with regular streaming services.   

We built a microsite that randomly looped snippets of iconic CTV programs all day long. Then we followed it up with some quintessential ‘community’ advertising: a street poster campaign with illustrated QR coded posters across the stations’ hometowns of Melbourne and Adelaide, each with intriguing headlines to entice new viewers – a highly visual celebration of unique content.  


It’s still early days with the campaign, but early indications show an uplift in app downloads. More importantly we gave viewers a taste of the CTV+ world, where the broadest range of Australian voices come to tell their stories – or you know, live-stream their cats.