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The Challenge

Your smile is a big deal. It can impact your confidence and is one of the first things people notice about you. So, when it comes to getting the perfect smile, your choice of practitioner is a big deal too.

Consumer insights revealed that many Australians did not know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. Therefore, they were not armed with the information or tools required to make an informed decision about the person managing their smile.

So, on behalf of the Australian Society of Orthodontics and their consumer education channel, Orthodontics Australia, we set out to educate the Australian public on the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist, highlighting the importance of the additional three years of training an orthodontist must undergo to become a qualified specialist.

The Groundwork

Getting our house in order

To ensure we were well positioned to start educating the public and positioning Orthodontics Australia as the source of truth online, we spent some time getting our ‘house in order’. We worked with the ASO to launch their consumer sub- brand, Orthodontics Australia which included a brand new website that published consumer friendly information about all things orthodontics.

The Creative Territory: Three Years

During the campaign planning phase, we hosted a series of consumer focus groups attended by representatives from our target audience. We tested numerous creative territories from inspirational and lofty, to humorous and entertaining, but it was the additional three years of training an orthodontist undergoes to become a specialist that hit a chord.

As a result, our campaign narrative explored all the amazing things people could do in three years, paralleling this with the extra three years full time study an orthodontist must complete to become fully qualified.

The Tool: Orthodontist Check

To position Orthodontics Australia as the ‘source of truth’ online, we needed to give people a tangible way to find out if their chosen specialist was the real deal. So, we developed Orthodontist Check, a customised online tool that allows consumers to type the name of the professional they are considering to confirm they are, in fact, a registered orthodontist with three years of additional training.

The Promotion

Cascading content:

In addition to the broadcast-quality hero video that we created for the website, YouTube and Catch Up TV, we also produced a suite of cascading snackable content to deliver our message across various digital media channels. This included shorter versions of the hero video for social amplification, as well as a number of display advertising and remarketing assets designed to move people down the funnel from awareness to conversion.

Paid media channels:

The campaign was distributed via a comprehensive paid media strategy, utilising a mix of digital channels to reach our target audiences.

This included:

  • Video ads on YouTube and Catch Up TV
  • Online content partnerships with Fairfax and Mamamia
  • Social media channels (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Paid search
  • Display banner ads across news and lifestyle sites and search optimisation

Content Marketing

To further support the campaign and help facilitate retargeting opportunities, our team developed a content marketing strategy to work alongside above the line activity. We developed a suite of SEO optimised articles for the consideration stage of the campaign which answered common concerns a prospective client might have. This supported Orthodontics Australia’s position as experts in the field and helped improve search rankings that drove plenty of new consumer traffic to the Orthodontics Australia website.

Member Toolkits

We also wanted to give registered orthodontists the opportunity to leverage the campaign in their local practices and markets, so we developed a comprehensive campaign support toolkit comprising of posters, counter cards, window decals and radio scripts. This helped drive further awareness at a grassroots level.


In eight weeks, the campaign reached more than 2.7 million people with over 1.6 million complete views of the brand campaign’s hero video. 26,000 people were driven to the educational articles on the website with close to 5,000 people using the Orthodontist Check tool to find a practitioner in their local area.

There was 79% increase in overall Orthodontics Australia website traffic and as a result, we can confidently say that we have brought the importance of specialist training and qualifications to the forefront of a consumer’s mind.

The Verdict

It’s never been more important to embrace a holistic approach to your communications strategy and ensure your customer’s experience is seamless across platforms.

Talk to us today if you’d like to implement an integrated marketing campaign that combines consumer insights with a compelling narrative.