Public Relations

The Challenge

When LaunchVic engaged Keep Left back in early 2017, they had been around for a year, but no one really knew what they did or why they existed. Iwasn’t clear externally what this new government agency’s role was, who exactly would benefit from their existence, or where Victorian’s taxpayer money was going.  

They needed help communicating their purpose of developing Victoria’s startup community into a globally recognised startup hub that, in turn, helps strengthen the state’s economy and generate more jobs.   

The challenge lay in the number of different stakeholders they needed to communicate to at the same time – including governmentthe startup community and everyday Australians.  

The Solution

Our strategy was three-fold: build awareness and understanding of who they are and why LaunchVic exists, demonstrate the positive impact they have on Victoria’s economy and community, and position their CEO as an expert on all things startup so that media would start turning to them for commentary. 

This was executed through a traditional press office, including mini-campaigns around research reports, news announcements for new programs and fundingleveraging events and international guest speakers, targeted byline placements, and news hijacking commentary 

As LaunchVic’s journey evolved, so did Keep Left’s advisory role. Our remit expanded from being an extension of their PR function to offering our full-service capabilities on a project basis. Our Strategy team conducted audience work and developed the content strategy for LaunchVic’s first integrated marketing campaign, Scale Up Your Career, while our Creative team was challenged with redesigning the visual identity of LaunchVic’s external reports, and subsequently designed LaunchVic’s latest annual report.

The Results

A deeper understanding and awareness of LaunchVic’s impact, and recognition as an expert on all startup activity, thanks to:   

  • 98 unique pieces of media coverage in just the past 18months, across print, broadcast and online  exceeding volume KPIs 
  • An average Impact Score of 85, consistently achieving quality coverage 
  • Media now actively pursuing commentary from LaunchVic on certain topics 
  • Direct correlations between coverage achieved and website traffic generated 
  • LaunchVic now has stronger brand interest on Google search than StartupAus 
  • LaunchVic’s website climbing Google’s rankings for high value terms like ‘startup programs’.

The ultimate demonstration of success was the Victorian government renewing LaunchVic’s funding for another year, having recognised its positive impact. 

What Keep Left is tasked with now, amid such uncertainty around government budgets, is to keep this impact front of mind.