The Truth Fairy Pays a Visit


Orthodontics Australia, the consumer facing brand of the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) has launched a new public education campaign via integrated PR and creative agency Keep Left.  

Launched earlier this month, “Let’s Get This Straight” targets parents, encouraging them to include an orthodontic visit as a key health milestone for children, by associating it with the milestone of a child losing their first teeth.  

The campaign introduces the fictitious character of the Truth Fairy who visits parents once their kids start losing teeth, with the message that once the tooth fairy is in town, it’s time to book a visit to the Truth Fairy – a specialist orthodontist. 

Early orthodontic assessment is crucial for children between the ages of 8-10 as it allows the orthodontist to evaluate if they need treatment to mitigate future problems which is more effective while jawbones are still soft and pliable.  

The campaign educates through specialist messaging via a social film, radio, programmatic display, social media and native content with a CTA to book an orthodontic assessment or to ‘check-up before they grow up’. 

“All parents know what the tooth fairy is, but there’s a gap in their understanding of what an orthodontist can offer their children at an early age,” said Keep Left Executive Creative Director Blair Kimber. “The subject matter of this campaign allowed us to tap into some playful areas that will resonate with our target audience and begin associating losing teeth with seeing a specialist orthodontist.”   

“We’ve been working with the Australian Society of Orthodontists for many years – across creative, PR and content – and it’s particularly rewarding to see the results that long-term partnerships and fresh thinking can deliver,” said Johanna Murray, Keep Left’s Client Services Director. 

“But ultimately, the success we’ve seen over the long term comes down to truly integrated thinking. Having creative, content and PR work in harmony delivers a multiplier effect for clients, and we’ve seen it time and time again for the ASO,” said Murray. 

“This campaign aims to educate parents that appropriate early treatment is an effective interceptive measure that lays the foundation for a healthy and well-functioning mouth in adulthood,” said the Australian Society of Orthodontists Federal Council Member and practising specialist orthodontist Marcus Tod.