I’m so embarrassed. I’m not a real person yet


(SPOILER FREE) film review by Art Director Ty Ellison

Noah Baumbach’s 2012 comedy/drama Frances Ha is many things: a story about friendship, betrayal, class, ambition and undatable people – yes. But the quintessential theme that resonated most with me personally is one of self-growth. If you have or are currently going through the transition of quasi-adulthood to fullfledged grown up, there is a chance this film will put you through a bit of an emotional spin.

Baumbach and his co-writer (and frankly star of this film) Greta Gerwig brilliantly depict this deeply personal and at times lonely stage of life. The script presents a delightful abundance of charming and funny dialogue, peppered with moments that will likely evoke some ugly crying (@me). With the pièce de résistance coming in the way of a tragically cringe-inducing scene that would make The Office’s infamous ‘Dinner Party’ episode feel like a walk in a park. It is here – the true level of Frances’ societal disconnect to her physical age is the most abundantly clear. It is also where my favourite piece of dialogue ever seen on the big screen is placed, which if you know – welcome to this secret world.

While “sometimes it’s good to do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it”, Frances Ha teaches us that sometimes it is good to grow (up) when you are ultimately ready to. And that this process of growth is a beautiful thing, even if a little lonely at times.


Review from my brain 3.8/5

Review from my heart 5/5