Why all Coronavirus Ads Look the Same and How Yours Can Be Different

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We’ve all seen the research reporting that consumers want us to keep advertising to them during lockdown. And that’s great news for those brands that have the resources and budget available to do so. But there’s a problem, and it was highlighted by a video showing that Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same.

The video cuts together the coronavirus advertising from over 30 brands and they are all startlingly similar — the same visuals, the same copy, the same sentiment. It’s quite astounding.

Yes, it’s admirable that brands like Apple, Facebook, FedEx, AT&T and Google – to name a few – have spent their advertising dollars sending message of hope and support to customers. But when everyone is doing it and doing it in exactly the same way, the message loses impact. It becomes less about connecting with customers and more about brands being seen to do the right thing. This homogeneity has no real value for the customer, and, it can be argued, very little value for the brand.

If you’re spending advertising dollars mimicking competitor messaging, look and feel, how is that helping your brand stand out? How is it helping your brand to create unique associations or bonds with customers?

Don’t let pressure to be seen and heard by customers trick you into parroting platitudes. Before reaching out, think about whether your message makes sense for your brand.

It’s true the consumer psyche is changing, and brands are responding to the current need for safety, security and comfort. It makes sense to go out with messaging that says ‘we care’ and ‘we’re with you’. But responding to the consumer psyche is just one half of the picture.

The real question marketers should be asking themselves is ‘how?’ How does your brand care? How is your brand there for its customers? We’re past the point of bland motherhood statements. Now consumers are looking for real-life value. They’re settling into the norm of social distancing and looking for something new.

To find the value you can add, you have step away from the consumer and go back to the fundamentals of your brand. What can your brand offer that is authentic and true, and how can that add value to customers’ lives right now?

It’s the brands that first understand themselves that will cut through and connect, because they’ll be looking within for inspiration and their communication will be unique and true.

Written by Susan Horn · · Marketing, Strategy ·
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