Where to from HERE?

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Traffic congestion is changing the way Australians think about transportation. The more clogged our cities’ roads become, the more changes we are willing to make to avoid the fight against traffic on our daily commute. This is what Keep Left discovered in the latest research we commissioned for HERE Technologies.

HERE report

Designed by the Keep Left content team, the report Where to from HERE: Mapping multi-modal movement in Australia, uses HERE’s location data capabilities to conduct traffic analyses of the major cities in Australia to identify their most congested roads and areas. It also includes consumer insights garnered from Pure Profile, to find causal relationships between the congestion of roads and the changing behaviours of consumers.

Despite the public and private sectors’ best efforts to tackle the issue with a renewed investment transport infrastructure, HERE’s report provided a snapshot into how consumers will interact with transport well into the future, demonstrating that a world of four wheels per person is completely unsustainable.

To help understand and guide authoritative perspectives on the road forward, the report explores how location technology based solutions can help build a sustainable future for Australia’s road networks and burgeoning population of commuters.

Melbourne traffic congestionMaking use of HERE Technologies’ tools, Keep Left brought the traffic congestion data to life by creating a full suite of GIFs showing the impact of traffic on each of the surveyed cities during peak rush hour.

We spoke to real people to capture their thoughts on Australia’s congested cities, producing a vox-pop style video to share with media.

A targeted strategy and offering a complete package to media – consisting of localised media releases with city-specific news hooks, interviews, a robust report, illustrative GIFs and a vox-pop video – helped Keep Left achieve its most successful campaign to date with HERE Technologies, securing nationwide print, online and broadcast media.

HERE news coverage

The report launch resulted in 39 pieces of earned media coverage, getting in front of almost 30 million people with newspaper stories appearing in The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, The Herald Sun and The West Australian to name a few.

The report has further positioned HERE a thought leader that is assisting to solve the complex challenges impacting the way Australians travel.

You can read HERE’s full report here.

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