What Does a Producer Do at Keep Left?

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When we hear the job title ‘producer’ a lot of different industries and functions can come to mind. For some it might be agricultural, for others it is mixing tracks for musicians, and for millions of Law & Order fans it brings to mind a black screen and the leader of the procedural crime genre, Dick Wolf. But at Keep Left, we think of the engine that keeps our Creative Department running, our very own Producer Tash.

What Is a Producer?

For creative agencies, a producer needs to have a lot of skills. They must be organised, efficient and a great communicator. They also need to possess an eye for detail, the ability to problem solve on the run, advanced time management skills and the lingo to translate between creatives and the rest of the world.

On our creative projects, the producer plays a role from start to finish – from brief to delivery. They’re responsible for reviewing briefs, developing timelines, submitting permits, planning the day, communicating with talent and external support, and reviewing the outputs before they make their way over to our clients. And that’s just some of the tasks they’re likely to complete.

What Does a Day in the Life of a Producer Look Like?

If we don’t have a film or photography shoot on the cards for the day, that doesn’t mean Tash gets to take a rest. There are plenty of proposals and budgets to develop, briefs to write, timelines to manage, shot lists and run-sheets to create, and general planning to take place to keep her busy and to keep our projects on track.

If you can believe it, shoot days are even longer. Tash will often be the first one on site with her clipboards in tow, making sure we’re all set up to shoot. On the day she plays many jobs, from transporting equipment and getting all of our talent release forms signed, to running off site to pick up emergency supplies or adding just a hint of makeup to our on-screen talent.

What does a producer do — lighting shot landscape

What’s in Tash’s Producer Bag of Tricks (AKA Her Car)?

On any given day Tash could be transporting filming equipment, fresh flowers or tools. She’ll come to shoots armed with healthy snacks, water bottles, first aid kits and an array of makeup. Sometimes you’ll find hard hats and high vis or stacks of filming notification letters on the back seat. If we’re in the office, then she might also grace us with a visit from Gigi, her precocious puppy.

What Kind of Know-how Does a Producer Need?

Tash is the source of information to help us avoid any major hurdles for our shoots. From voiceover rights to filming permits, she’s filled out all the forms and can make it happen without any hiccups. We’re lucky to have her keen visual eye, which ensures a consistent style across our photography shoots and design outputs.

A producer is the glue that holds our creative projects together, whether they require video, animation, photography or design. They round out our creative services with a healthy dose of time management.

To find out more, see work from our Creative Department or see some of view our client projects.

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