SXSW 2015: Content, content everywhere

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One little word certainly packed a lot of punch at this conference and that was content. There were five solid days dedicated to discussing how to best create and distribute content, with the mix of speakers including news outlets, news wires, entertainment website and brands.

One standout was the presentation from Dao Nguyen, Publisher at BuzzFeed.

The measure of success for BuzzFeed is not just creating content that people will click on (because you can trick people into doing this), but actually creating something interesting enough that people will share it. Sharing is really the Holy Grail, but it’s not that easy.

According to Dao here are the things that people will share:

While this might all sound simple enough, predicting what’s going to get people talking is not that easy. It was discussed at length that it’s both art and science. While you absolutely need a good dose of editorial gut instinct to create great content, some analytical data to back this up is imperative too.

A good example of this is the question BuzzFeed recently asked it’s readers ‘What Colours Are This Dress?’ which went completely nuts and sparked debate across the globe. This was all art, but they have a lot of amazing ‘science’ tools to work with as well, including a social reproduction rate (R=) which predicts how popular content is going to be.

Another great presentation I attended was by Oracle and American Sports Network NBC. They talked about the challenge for brands to produce enough content, in a cost and time effective manner to meet the requirements of your audience. The explained there are three types of content and you should prioritise as follows:

So if you follow the statistics, you’re best to prioritise low effort content followed by medium and then high. I personally think the medium effort content makes a lot of sense. If you can answers the questions your customers are asking and be useful to them that sounds like a recipe to success for me.

Hope you found this useful!

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