Saxo Market: ‘Runaway train’ media tour


In a big week for the markets, with US inflation topping out above forecasts, Steen Jakobsen Saxo Bank Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer paid a visit to Australia’s harbour city of Sydney.

A ‘runaway train’ and ‘one of the best things that could happen to the economy right now’ are just some of the ways Jakobsen described inflation during a press tour Keep Left put together with the likes of ABC The Business, Bloomberg, Sky Business Weekend, The Australian Associated Press and CityWire.

Having worked with Saxo Capital Markets Australia for over two years Keep Left has thoroughly enjoyed having international visitors from the investment bank’s Copenhagen HQ for the first time. CEO and Founder Kim Fournais also visited alongside Chief Experience Officer Camilla Dahl Hansen early September meeting with Forbes, AusBiz and the AFR.

Word has it our General Manager of PR, Tim Lele, and Group Account Director, Tara Harvey, were spotted on the red carpet at Saxo’s macro gala ‘Inflation, what is it good for?’ at the Sydney Mint. Faced with an interactive trading game emulating the market conditions of 2018 Lele went all in on crypto, only losing $6k all in. Harvey ended up down $10k but like a bad workman blames everything from the lighting to her phone.