Public Relations.

Storytelling has changed and so has our breed of public relations.

Storytelling has changed and so has our breed of public relations.

Today, we bring our clients’ stories to life through a combination of words, design and video.

Messaging is developed, sequencing and creative planned and a media strategy designed to ensure it’s the right story, told at the right time via the right channels.

The result? Modern public relations at its best.

More than media relations.

While we still get a kick out of pitching in a story, the ever-changing media landscape means a multi-channel approach is often required to achieve the levels of influence and longevity our clients are looking for.

We are equally comfortable developing strategies for traditional and digital media. We consider what the business wants to say, what the audience wants to hear and the best mix of earned, owned, paid and direct channels to get the job done. This may see us develop collateral, engage stakeholders, hold events or create content calendars alongside traditional media relations.

Find out more about our evaluation methodology, the Keep Left Impact Score.

A full suite of PR services.

Keep Left offers a full suite of public relations services in Melbourne and across Australia, including:

Corporate communications
Consumer brand communications
Community engagement
Stakeholder engagement
Event management
Issues management
Influencer marketing

While we can apply ourselves to any brief, we have a strong track record in tech PR, property PR, food PR, consumer PR, corporate PR, lifestyle PR and social change PR.