Storytelling has changed. So has our breed of public relations.

Keep Left’s PR offering has supported a diverse range of clients since the dawn of Wikipedia, from start-ups and NFPs to listed national and global enterprises. And ever since the turn of the millennium, we’ve been evolving in response to the market – most significantly in the last four years.

While we still get a kick out of traditional media relations, understanding what journalists want and pitching in a story, the ever-changing media landscape often requires a more complex multimedia approach to achieve the levels of reach and influence our clients are looking for.

That’s why our national team now consists of just as many digital experts and creatives as it does PR specialists to ensure we deliver a progressive PR approach for today’s fragmented media landscape.

Words, design and video drive our creative, insights power our messaging, digital analysis and monitoring inform our targets and media packages, and a carefully-planned media strategy ensures it’s the right story, told at the right time via the right channels. All of which is measured by the latest evolution of our proprietary evaluation tool, the Keep Left Impact Score 2.0.

The result? We can get under the skin of our clients, acting as the eyes and ears for their business, plugged into the 24hr news cycle in order to take proactive opportunities and mitigate risks.

A full suite of PR services.

Keep Left offers a full suite of public relations services in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia. Our origin story is in PR for the tech, property, food, consumer, corporate, financial services, lifestyle and social change markets. We believe that with a focus on messages and audiences, we can create stories that engage, educate and drive action, whether that’s for an ASX listing, sensitive community consultation project or EGN campaign.

Our public relations services include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Consumer brand communications
  • Media relations and press office
  • Media training
  • Community engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Investor engagement
  • Issues management and crisis preparedness
  • Government relations