Giving Australians the history lesson they never got


Encouraging all Australians to take a moment to learn the real truth about January 26th.



What Jan 26th represents is finally coming into question in Australia, with calls to change or abolish the date ringing loud. But most people are so caught up in the debate they don’t ever learn the truth about that day – or about this land’s history of Invasion and ongoing inequity faced by First Nations peoples.

In fact, most kids were taught a very one-sided version of Australian history at school, with only 49% of Australians saying they’d been taught Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history in any significant or authentic way. But with four in five calling for change, we worked with SharingStories to give them the First Nations-led education they never got – and start shifting the story for the next generation.


Our Invasion Day campaign called “Moment of Truth” asked people to spend a moment educating themselves about what really happened on the 26th January, rewriting the incomplete narrative taught in schools. The campaign gave people free access to First Nations-made lessons on SharingStories’ online education portal Jajoo Warrngara – an easy way to learn the nation’s history through First Nations voices.

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The Results

There’s been a major uptick in signups to the Jajoo Warrngara resources, showing people’s commitment to learn now what they wish they were taught as kids.

  • 7.3 Million Total Reach
  • 14 Total Media Items
  • +865% Content Engagement
  • +270% Social Followers