Turning travel Insurance into a must-have travel accessory

Proving to well-prepared travellers that the most important accessory to pack for your holiday this year is PassportCard travel insurance.



For most Aussies, travel insurance is a grudge purchase, with even well-prepared travellers defaulting to their bank or health insurance for cover. But category disrupter PassportCard wanted to enter Australia with a differentiated take: a tap-and-go card that gives you instant payouts for common claims – and can actually improve your holiday, by giving you true peace of mind when ‘it’ happens (‘it’ being when cash gets stolen, luggage gets lost or someone gets injured).


We brought ‘it’ moments to life via an integrated campaign that reminded people of what can go wrong on holiday, and how PassportCard can make things right by coming to the rescue. Via radio ads, social films, digi display, OOH, earned media and promos, Keep Left helped introduce Australia to the disruptor brand’s offering: The line “Travel insurance on tap” educated new audiences on the CVP of a debit card.

We introduced media to the product via a luxurious travel lunch, repositioning insurance as an attractive purchase worth researching and choosing. Promo ‘bum bags’ helped show the physicality of a PassportCard, alongside other essentials worth packing – from moisturiser, to emergency undies. Ad content humanised common holiday disasters and showed PassportCard coming to the rescue

The Results

We turned an admin purchase into a summer must-have by showing people that PassportCard takes the stress, financial strain and fear out of travelling. And we proved that choosing the right travel insurance is important – not a decision to be left to default.

And by the numbers, we achieved a total reach of 5.4 Million through PR