Supercharging SEO with clever content


Giving parents information about their kids’ teeth by answering frequently asked questions and educating them on orthodontic treatment through a content series that combines useful advice with a side of fun.


When it comes to their kids’ teeth, it’s not always easy for parents to find credible, easy-to-understand information about best practise. So we needed to boost the Orthodontics Australia search results across Google and YouTube.


People value brands they can trust – especially when kids are involved. We helped position Orthodontics Australia as the go-to for parents by creating a video content series that answered frequently-asked questions in a way that’s easy to digest. These were hosted natively on YouTube and embedded within articles on the ASO content hub to drive uplift in video-based search.


The video series attracted strong interest with more than 5000 views – 2300 of which came from YouTube search. This was more than double the previous period.
A flow-on effect extended to the Orthodontics Australia website, which saw an increase of more than 3% in organic traffic. The individual articles referenced in the videos also benefitted, with views rising by 15-30%.