Atlas Carbon

A brand identity at the intersection of agriculture and analytics.


Growing a brand identity for a new carbon farming brand that will stand out in its field – literally



The world of carbon farming brings together concepts that are often at odds; traditional agriculture, and high-tech analytics. Bringing the technological and the natural together is an interesting space to play in for brands, yet the category tends to be a sea of sameness – from the tree-green eco aesthetic to the ‘earth needs us’ narrative. For an innovative sector, it feels anything but. So how could a new carbon farming business, sister/subsidiary of livestock management company Maia Grazing, stand out in their field?


Keep Left researched what carbon farming customers really want: clarity, confidence, and support. We named the brand Atlas Carbon – in Greek mythology, Atlas was a protective figure entrusted with the future of the planet, and is Maia’s father (nod to sister company). The word ‘atlas’ also represents the expanse of land the business wanted to impact, and a sense of ‘mapping’ and analytics.

Then we brought Atlas Carbon to life via a contemporary VI, inspired more by tech start-ups than by eco-enterprises. A key differentiator was building in ‘optimism’ via a fluorescent hero colour, and bold, confident, clear typography. Because this is a story about inspiration, hope and guidance, we also positioned the logo as a north star to lead graziers towards a brighter future.

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