Established 2019

ANZ x Keep Left


Hello Sian, we’re Keep Left.

ANZ’s content marketing and social media partner.

We’re an independent agency operating at the intersection of Content, Creativity and PR.

Our approach?



We came on board at the end of 2019 to help develop and launch the Financial Wellbeing Program. 

Over the past four years we have delivered content and social strategy; social, hub and campaign content; and always on programs across several tribes and product areas of the business.  

Our goal?

To support ANZ’s brand north star – to help Aussies improve their financial wellbeing. 

In 2022 and 2023 we’ve been shortlisted for two Awards: 

    • Mumbrella CommsCon – Finalist, Best Use of Owned Media for The FWB Challenge (2022) 
    • B&T Awards – Finalist, Best Content Marketing Strategy for Upskill Your Financial Wellbeing (2023) 


Our Top 3 Highlights





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What we did

Since 2020, Keep Left has managed the editorial content on the Financial Wellbeing Hub – this includes editorial writing, creating infographics, re-writing and designing digital versions of the branch Life Guides, and regularly working with DSE to optimise the Hub for performance. 

Keep Left uses search trends, cultural moments, audience insights, interviews with key business contacts for insights, and regular performance meetings with ANZ to inform content. 

The results

The Financial Wellbeing Hub attracts visitors through organic search, social media, and native advertising, but sees a spike in activity around key brand events (such as Australian Open advertising). In 2023 we focused on editorial optimisations and encouraging people to get their score.


In 2023 alone we saw:

  • 603,782 visits to the Financial Wellbeing Hub 
  • 401,667 editorial article views, driven by native ads with 20% coming via organic search 
  • 78,432 people got their Financial Wellbeing score
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ANZ Case Study KL Website - 1440X800 - Case Study 1 - Image 5




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What we did

They don’t teach you the good stuff at school – the real-life skills you need to tackle taxes, debt, mortgages, loans and insurance.   

In an engaging YouTube series, we got one of Australia’s best young comedians to ask the common financial questions on all of our minds. Over 12 episodes and various cut-downs, Louis Hanson got vulnerable and said, “it’s okay, I didn’t know either” while sitting down (or see-sawing with) an ANZ expert who has the answers.  

Armed with a whole lot of SEO research on the most common financial questions on Aussies’ minds and with the knowledge that banking content on YouTube can be dry or contrived, we wanted this to feel like native content that everyone from Gen Z to young parents would enjoy watching, helping ANZ own an educational, helpful voice on the platform. 

The Results

The “Upskill Your Financial Wellbeing” YouTube series was a fresh and effective way to bring ANZ’s core brand promise to life: to help people and communities thrive through financial wellbeing.  

In 2023 we saw:

  • 27 million total campaign views 
  • 118k hours total watch time 
  • 456% increase in ANZ YouTube Channel subscribers 
  • 64% lift in organic traffic to the ANZ website 

 And – we helped ANZ own financial literacy on YouTube – where the gap for fun, engaging educational content was well, gaping.  

ANZ ranked #1 for Financial Wellbeing in organic search in its competitor set. 

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What we did

When we first started developing social media content for ANZ it was with the purpose of driving traffic to our articles and giving our audience a new way to connect with Financial Wellbeing concepts.

But jumping on a word search trend in 2020 changed our approach when we saw a spike in positive engagement outrun complaints about banking outages and tip consumer sentiment in our favour within the Ipsos reports. 

Since then, we’ve been looking for ways to add a Financial Wellbeing spin to popular topics and trending moments with the sole objective of driving reactions and comments.  

We blend data, insights, and cultural moments to develop content ideas that give ANZ a unique spin on social trends. 


The results

In 2023 we saw strong engagement with our social content – with a focus on ‘active’ engagements (likes, comments, shares and saves) over ‘inactive’ engagements (3 second video views). 


In 2023 we saw:

  • Reached 2,994,209 people with Financial Wellbeing posts (often shared for a just handful of days), and
  • Had over 243,342 real engagements, boosting positive and neutral sentiment for ANZ amongst the competitor set. 
ANZ Case Study KL Website - 1440X800 - Case Study 3 - Image 1
ANZ Case Study KL Website - 1440X800 - Case Study 3 - Image 2


Where to next?

Uplift to the Financial Wellbeing Program

Following the success of our huge strategic project for the FWB Hub, we are working with DSE on implementing some of our recommendations for the first 5 months of this year. This includes: updating web copy on the Hub, re-writing existing articles based on our strategy, findings and performance and updating the imagery. We are also working with DSE on potential tools we can create for our audience to help them improve their FWB. 


Business Owners  

We currently have a retainer with the Business Owners team to help promote the Financially Ready Business Hub to SMEs. This involves writing article content based on business owner pain points, trends, search-based questions. As well as trialling social content aimed at helping business owners on the start of their journey. 


ANZ and Security 

We know that security is a priority pillar for ANZ in 2024. We’re currently working through 10-12 articles for on different cyber security scams customers need to be aware of.  

In addition to this, we are working with the brand team on creating paid social and ANZ owned assets that drive our audience to an educational article on Romance Scams.  

Whilst the two projects are run by separate teams, having our team work on the social assets and content makes for a smoother / cohesive and stronger content approach.