St John Ambulance Victoria

Content Production, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Bringing first aid to the fore.

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about first aid, until an emergency strikes. And when it does, receiving first aid can be the difference between life and death.

St John’s vision, to have at least one person in every home, workplace and public space across Australia who is trained to offer first aid in an emergency, is admirable. It is a vision we support and a cause which resonates with us on a personal level.

Keep Left is proud to have developed and implemented a number of multi-faceted campaigns to support St John in their pursuit of this goal. We integrated public relations, content production and digital marketing to facilitate the launch of a range of St John’s community initiatives.

From promoting their First Aid in Schools (FAiS) program, through to their commercial training program, Keep Left has been a committed partner to St John for five years and is proud to say the relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

CPR Lab Launch.

Keep Left worked with St John to launch and promote the CPR Lab, a new purpose-built vehicle which takes first aid training on the road, delivering lifesaving skills to the public. Our brief was to build a storytelling platform around the launch of this asset that would earn St John strong coverage across major metropolitan media, as well as to generate interesting and engaging content to demonstrate the role of the CPR Lab.

Keep Left came up with the idea to hold a ‘CPR challenge’, and held a public launch event in Southbank where members of the public could go head-to-head to test their CPR skills. We invited members of the media down to participate and pitted some unlikely ‘foes’ against each other just to see what would happen. The launch was covered by top tier media such as Channel 9, ABC news and The Herald Sun, achieving 81 on our Impact Score.

Celebrating a record-breaking milestone.

In August 2016, Keep Left organised a celebration of St John Ambulance Australia’s record-breaking milestone of training one million children in life-saving First Aid across the country.

The event was an opportunity to congratulate the latest class of schoolchildren as they completed the First Aid in Schools program and acknowledge the efforts of three First Aid champions who had already saved a life. Keep Left arranged the attendance of a number of high profile guests, including advocate Susie O’Neill OAM, local MP Hon Martin Foley, and Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Judith Graley.

The campaign was hugely successful, securing national and regional media coverage across television, print, radio and online, and reaching a staggering 12.5 million people.