NEFF Australia

Digital and Experience

NEFF’s program won Best Content Marketing Campaign in PRIA’s National Golden Target Awards 2019

After producing its first oven in a German factory in 1877, NEFF has remained one of the only kitchen appliance brands to focus solely on the home cooking experience. Their appliances are designed for cooking enthusiasts, so they created The NEFF Kitchen, a place where passionate home cooks can find inspiration for new recipes and perfect their culinary skills.

The Challenge:

Keep Left was tasked with evolving the content on the NEFF microsite and social media channels to drive awareness of the NEFF brand through strategic content marketing that targeted users based on specific interests and lifestyle preferences.

With kitchen appliances being a big-ticket item with a long sales funnel, Keep Left was challenged to help NEFF play the long game by creating and amplifying practical, relevant and timely information at each stage of the purchase lifecycle.

The Groundwork:

To discover potential customers, while also fulfilling the needs of NEFF’s existing customer base, Keep Left had to get a better understanding of a NEFF client’s unique pain point and aspirations. To do this, Keep Left developed a customer survey which was distributed to over 3,000 NEFF customers via email.

Insights from this survey were combined with third party data from Experian Mosaic, to segment and profile NEFF’s audience and ensure each piece of content was strategically written for a specific user.

Through our research we discovered that over 90% of NEFF customers would like to receive tips and tricks relating to their appliances, while more than three quarters were interested in receiving seasonal recipes. As a result, we set out to inspire kitchen creativity while empowering NEFF clients to embrace their inner entertainer and use their appliance to its full potential.

The Execution:

To increase brand awareness and optimise content to reach new audiences through organic search, Keep Left begins each quarter with search and social insights to uncover seasonal trends we can tap into. The team then develop quarterly calendars with inspirational editorial to target clients at various stages of the purchase lifecycle and highlight the benefits and pleasure of having a NEFF kitchen.

Once approved, Keep Left lead a quarterly shoot to capture recipe and additional article images and video content in line with the NEFF brand. These are co-ordinated with home economists, stylists and food photographers to provide polished content and visual cohesion on the NEFF Kitchen microsite.

From “The Benefits of Having a Double Oven” to “How to Host your Own Spring Racing High Tea”, each article is SEO optimised to drive additional traffic to the NEFF microsite. These are amplified by Keep Left’s digital performance specialists who also implement social media retargeting programs to guide prospects down the sales funnel from awareness to conversion.

The Results:

The NEFF microsite was built to help establish NEFF as the enthusiastic home cook’s go-to appliance brand, so driving users to the site is a core focus of the program.

There has been a marked increase in website traffic since implementing NEFF’s holistic content marketing program, with almost 15,000 unique visitors arriving to the microsite in the first month. This has been growing month on month, with over a third of all visitors arriving through organic search.

The paid Facebook and Instagram campaign has an average $0.45 CPU, with the CPCV smashing the target by $0.20 and achieving almost 6,000 more completed views than originally projected. This confirms the power of video on social, not just to entertain, but also to educate and convert.