The Challenge:

Even the best recruitment companies need help with their recruitment from time to time… Creating employment marketing to reach, attract and engage Hudson’s target audience.

In a highly competitive recruitment sector, Hudson knew that the key to its success lay its ability to attract and retain the right staff. And while they offered attractive and transparent remuneration packages, employee-led career paths and a collaborative, sociable and highly empowering work culture, they lacked a way to effectively communicate their total Employment Value Proposition (EVP) with prospective hires.

Hudson needed a creative solution that would differentiate them in a highly active competitor market place.

The Solution:

Transforming Hudson’s EVP into marketing gold.

Drawing on the comprehensive audience insights provided by Hudson, Keep Left developed three Creative Territories and corresponding ‘hero’ executions, which we refined down to one in conjunction with the Hudson Leadership Team.

The final Creative Territory called ‘Great Things Happen’ was chosen for its ability to effectively communicate Hudson’s EVP in an authentic and engaging way.  The creative execution connected to this included two elements:

A physical team challenge that visually demonstrated the teamwork, culture and unique experience working at Hudson provides, which underpinned our ‘hero’ video we produced for Hudson.

A participant interview series. Keep Left interviewed the Hudson people involved with the team challenge who explained – through their own experiences – how great things really do happen at Hudson, reinforcing the EVP.

Together this mix of high-energy, high-impact visual content combined with informal interview-style grabs hit the right notes for Hudson, and gave them a solid suite of creative assets to build their content marketing campaign around.

The Results:

An effective employment marketing strategy that resonated with its target audience.

Through a well-planned and well implemented digital strategy, the Hudson team successfully reached 471,815 people via Facebook, amassed 366,658 post views across LinkedIn and a total of 61,277 video views during the first 21 weeks of the campaign.

On the Hudson careers website, the company saw a 37% increase in job applications in the first 12 weeks, with 11,977 unique visitors to the site and 506 people connecting by filling in a form to get in touch during that period.

Importantly, the campaign also resonated with existing employees, with one sharing, ‘this video is an absolute representation of what I love most about our business.’

It just goes to show the power of data-driven creativity.