Halcyon Knights

Public Relations

Halcyon Knights is a recruitment agency that specialises in technology placements, operating across APAC with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They are leaders when it comes to talking about employee value proposition, competitive technology salaries and identifying the next big thing in technology careers.

The Challenge:

Keep Left was brought on board when Halcyon Knights needed a helping hand to get the word out about their latest advice-based whitepaper and positioning their team as the go-to experts on APAC tech talent.

The Winning the War for Tech Talent report meant Halcyon Knights already had a wealth of valuable information at their fingertips; they just needed a team to dig into the data of over 2,000 respondents and convert the insights into media hooks.

One problem – Halcyon Knights had almost zero existing earned media presence and were a little wary about talking to media

The Execution:

To pull this off, we had to cover all bases. We started by dipping into insights around technology jobs in Australia – what were people searching for and what was the media interested in.

Then we deep-dived into the data behind the white-paper, hoping to find our knight in shining armour – the perfect media angle.

While this was happening, we took the legends at Halcyon Knights through an intensive media training process, teaching the basics about how to stick to your key message, bridge away from awkward questions and nail any interview.

Finally, we worked with Halcyon Knight’s Founder and CEO, Lincoln Benbow, to create a short thought leadership series, walking the tight-rope between controversial and newsworthy to position him as the expert in technology recruitment.

Swords at the ready, we successfully pitched an exclusive to our target media contacts – and the campaign took off from there.

The Results:

First thing first, at the time of writing this we had achieved our coverage KPIs 6x over, reaching over 21,000,000 Aussies through key media including The Australian, News Corp Careers, Computerworld, Lifehacker and Shortlist.

What’s more, the phones haven’t stopped ringing for Founder Lincoln Benbow – with the Halcyon Knights team of experts sharing insight with media on everything from the government’s proposed changes to share schemes to the future of cybersecurity.

Bottom line? The number of downloads on the paywalled whitepaper spiked when our stories were released, translating into 80 new prospective clients.

The Verdict:

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a knight by its armour.

At the beginning of the campaign, we were unsure how the media would respond to recruitment specialists, but with the right package and a bit of polish Halcyon Knights quickly cemented their position as the go-to tech recruitment experts.