Chandon Vintage Brut 2015

Digital and Experience, Public Relations

Established in 1986, Chandon Australia is a premium wine specialist with winery operations in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Keep Left was instrumental in the marketing campaign for the release of Chandon’s first 100% estate grown sparkling wine, leading the media and influencer relations strategy.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to raise awareness of Chandon’s first 100% estate grown vintage and position Chandon as at the pinnacle of Australian sparkling wine making.

The Solution:

The product release was communicated through influencer placements and earned media coverage, showcasing the new range across multiple influential touch-points.

Influencer Engagement

These days, you need to do something a little different to stand out in a crowded influencer marketing landscape. So, together with Chandon, Keep Left created a distinctive media mailer that paid homage to the ‘grown in our backyard’ message, that showcased the bottle whilst increasing the likelihood of organic social media outcomes.

As part of this mailer, influencers received:

  • Chandon Vintage Brut 2015
  • An elegant floral arrangement from Vasette and Hermetica
  • An invitation to dine at Domaine Chandon

Keep Left took both an earned and paid approach to influencer engagement. This dual tactic allowed Keep Left to maximise Chandon’s budget and reach key audiences in a cost-effective way. Due to creating such a striking mailer, Keep Left secured an unprecedented amount of high-quality contra exposure, with more than 60% of influencers taking us up on our invitation to dine at Domaine Chandon. This showcases the importance to combining the online and offline world through a seamless digital + experience offering.

To support the unpaid influencer coverage, Keep Left also secured two paid influencer partnerships with Twice Blessed and Molly Smyth. This gave the team greater control over the message and type of content the influencers published, reaching a combined 2.2 million people.

Media Relations

To highlight the release of the new sparkling wine, Keep Left reached out to a number of luxury food, wine and lifestyle publications. This made noise about the new release in trade and consumer titles, telling the story behind the new product in major news outlets including Stellar Magazine and MindFood.

The Results:

The media and influencer campaign exceeded expectations with 55 unique pieces of editorial and social media coverage reaching close to five million people. In addition to five high quality pieces of media coverage, Keep Left also secured 20 engaged influencers including Brooke Hogan, Jane Bunn and Livinia Nixon. As a result, Chandon’s Vintage Brut 2015 appeared in 52 pieces of influencer coverage on social media, more than nine times higher than Keep Left’s original KPI of 6-8 pieces of coverage.

The Verdict:

The high-quality coverage received was a result of an eye-catching media and influencer mailer which delivered a strong ROI. Throughout the launch, it was clear that influencers were delighted by the new Vintage Brut 2015, beautifully styled in an Instagrammable package that was easy to snap and post without additional styling.