Australian Society of Orthodontists

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Introducing Orthodontics Australia by ASO.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) engaged Keep Left in mid-2015 to develop an integrated communications strategy that would increase brand awareness for the Society amongst Australian consumers and develop a look, feel and narrative that would help them become more relevant and relatable.

We undertook an initial strategic review of the brand and recommended a dual-brand strategy be implemented. We created a new consumer-friendly sub-brand for the ASO called ‘Orthodontics Australia – by ASO’ that resonated well with the community.

As of 2017, the scope of our work for the ASO spans content development, brand strategy, media relations, digital strategy and social media management.

Clock is ticking braces graphic ASO
What is an orthodontist image showing a tooth and a magnifying glass
ASO Infographic - a good smile gives you confidence
ASO before and after graphic

'Total Confidence’ brand proposition.

Alongside the dual-brand strategy, Keep Left also identified the need to develop a brand proposition for the ASO to act as the communications thread that runs through everything we do. We landed on the concept of ‘Total Confidence.’

This is a true statement for the profession because only an orthodontist can provide patients with total confidence thanks to their additional three years of training. It’s also a true statement for consumers, who seek orthodontic treatment for themselves or their children because they want the confidence of a perfect smile.

Making confident content.

As the new brand unfolded, we created a suite of collateral to bring the fresh brand proposition to life. In our development of style guidelines, we selected typography, colour and image treatment that is now carried throughout all of the ASO’s communications, as well as in our development of the members’ brochure and educational consumer e-Booklets.

Keep Left also refreshed the ASO’s Facebook page with the new look and feel, and as part of our ongoing engagement, produce visual social media content each month in line with the new branding.

Social media results:

  • Increased Facebook community by 279%
  • Reached in excess of 550,000 Australians via Facebook
  • Referred over 14,000 consumers to the ASO’s website via click through from Facebook
  • An average reach of 13,650 people per Facebook post

In February 2017, Keep Left helped launch Orthodontics Australia as a sub brand on Instagram to appeal to a younger demographic.

Invisalign is orthodontic treatment graphic - ASO Content Production from Keep Left PR and Content Marketing
Childrens Orthodontics checklist ASO

As part of our holistic approach to communications, our team continues to produce written and visual content for the ASO’s website and blog. We’ve developed an overarching SEO strategy that includes performance and competitive monitoring in order to uncover insights that inform the types of content themes we develop. This ensures relevance to our target market and positively drives SERP results.

The fruit of our labour can be seen in the significant increase in traffic to the ASO’s website over the past eight months, with a growing number of people commencing their journey into the consumer decision cycle.

Content results include:

  • 163% increase in organic search traffic
  • 142 tracked keywords now sit on the 1st results page (positions 1 – 10)
  • 150% increase in new users visiting the site
  • 208% increase in web traffic to the site
ASO Kids and orthodontics e-book
ASO Adults and orthodontics e-book | Keep left content production

Results to date.

The ASO continue to see very encouraging results from this integrated campaign.

      • We’ve generated 35 pieces of earned media coverage across tier one outlets
      • Developed nearly 70 bespoke content pieces
      • Increased web traffic by 208% and organic search traffic by 163%
      • Increased the social referral traffic by 761%
      • Grown the Facebook community by 279%
      • Increased consumer enquiries via Facebook and email demonstrating that the ASO are seen as a trusted source for orthodontic information
      • For the first time, the ASO has also started to field calls from members of the public seeking advice

Keep Left’s public relations program plays a vital role in the ASO’s consumer facing brand, generating forward thinking content and media coverage for the increasingly influential brand.