ANZ Financial Wellbeing Case Study

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It may not surprise you to hear this in the midst of a pandemic but in late 2019, one in two Australians were feeling stressed about their finances, according to research from ANZ and Roy Morgan. That was half the population worried about mounting debt, a lack of savings or generally feeling uncertain about their financial future and these feelings have no doubt been exacerbated in 2020. For ANZ, those numbers were and continue to be a concern.

Studies show that improving your financial wellbeing isn’t about getting paid more, it’s about learning to better understand how to manage your money and build financial resilience. This was ANZ’s focus in late 2019 and has become its mission in 2020 with times getting tougher. Keep Left has worked with ANZ as its content marketing partner on this journey. Here’s how it began.

The challenge

In late 2019, ANZ wanted to develop a Financial Wellbeing Program utilising their financial knowledge and digital tools to help all Australians take charge of their finances. This included the Financial Wellbeing Calculator – just 12 easy questions to identify your current Financial Wellbeing Score, and how that compares to others in your age bracket.

What they needed was an agency who understood product design and content marketing to help develop this information into a mobile-first digital program and content hub aimed at motivating Australians to get on top of their financial health.

ANZ financial wellbeing stats

Source: ANZ

The solution

We collaborated closely with ANZ’s brand and content teams to ensure the copy and content of the program was aligned with the above the line campaigns that were set to launch in market in January 2020.

Utilising the broad skillsets of our internal team, we supported with user experience planning, design concepts, content production, and developed a content marketing strategy to lead us through both the program launch and the subsequent content hub release later in 2020. 

The results

As of February 2020, the ANZ Financial Wellbeing hub met and exceeded all performance benchmarks, including a 35 per cent conversion rate of the online Financial Wellbeing Calculator. As of September 2020, 60,000 people now know their score and 640,000 people have visited the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Hub since launch. The average time on site sits at more than three minutes and 30 seconds, one minute above our benchmark. 

ANZ financial wellbeing two people celebratingIn the months following the Financial Wellbeing Program’s launch, a suite of additional content has been released, including articles with financial tips and digital assets to help engage their audiences on social media. This insightful and reactive content struck a chord with audiences, delivering high engagement, overwhelmingly positive consumer sentiment and a cost per click that was only 10 per cent of the company-wide average. The combination of killer headlines, punchy yet practical articles, and relevant topics resulted in 100,000 click throughs to Financial Wellbeing content in two months and an average 38 cents per click (down to as low as 17 cents for some articles).

It just goes to show what strategic content planning, creative ideas and relevant content can achieve.

While Keep Left was pleased to be engaged on this project by ANZ in late 2019, the events of 2020 have seen getting on top of your finances rise in importance for Australians.  It’s great to be ANZ’s content partner on this journey bringing helpful and engaging content and creative to consumers.