Anchor Milk

Content Production, Public Relations

Challenging the notion that ‘milk is milk’.

Keep Left was issued a lofty brief: To redefine consumers’ perceptions with the launch of Anchor Milk – Fonterra’s first branded milk offering in Australia. The strategy was two-fold: communicate the rationale benefits of Anchor Milk’s 21-day extended shelf life, while developing a storytelling platform to reignite emotion in the category.

Anchor’s entry into the Australian market bought with it a new innovation. A unique micro-filtration technology that would increase its shelf life to 21 days, seven days longer than most other products, resulting in Anchor’s superior freshness and taste. Our media strategy led with this rational proof point, and it caught the attention of the Australian media with blanket earned media coverage across print, TV, radio and online (Victorian and national).

Anchor Milk's launch with milk and cookies
Anchor Milk Launch waiter
Keep Left Anchor Milk launch tomato dish

Reigniting the emotion around milk.

We wanted to present Anchor Milk it a way it had never been presented before, to speak to the discerning audience the brand was looking to target. We collaborated with culinary identities Christian McCabe of The Town Mouse & Embla and Daniel Wilson from Huxtable to create a five-stage Milk Flight menu that would ignite the senses and allow us to showcase Anchor Milk’s superior freshness and taste. The Anchor Milk Flight was presented at a sit down dinner for media, influencers and the industry. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Anchor Milk launch with Keep Left
Keep Left Anchor Milk Launch

The business impact.

The best part of the campaign was the direct correlation Fonterra could see between the earned media coverage and in-store sales. The 2 litre whole milk flew off the Woolworths shelves, with the PR campaign delivered in an integrated fashion with above-the-line advertising and in-store sampling campaign. From an impact perspective, the campaign rated 81 on our Impact Score, indicating the program hit all its major KPIs and delivered on-brand messages.