Lefties on location: out of the office and into the wild

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Last week, a small contingent of Keep Left’s content and PR specialists swapped their colleagues for giant bugs and impromptu client picnics on an exciting shoot – this time a little far out from our regular leafy South Melbourne office.

Bugs aside, the team was tasked with shooting a teaser video for an upcoming activation campaign, and a good hearty dose of wilderness was compulsory. “Despite the 33 degree heat, it felt good to take Keep Left out of the confines of an office for a day, and we can’t complain – it was a pretty picturesque satellite office,” says Jasmin Watts, one of our Account Directors.

Keep Left on location

The team is beyond happy with the raw footage, and is looking forward to utilising it in the coming months as the campaign rolls out. We’re really proud of the team and it was invigorating to work so closely with the client and collaborate so successfully on a challenging but beautiful project.

Thomas Rennie, our Art Director, was beaming quietly when he showed us some of what they captured: “I just had the best day,” he sighed.

 Keep Left on location

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