Keep Left’s Creative Team Adds ‘Final_v?’ to Employee File

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Ask any agency creative team member if that file they’re saving is the final version and they’ll go blank as the amount of ‘client-feedback_final_final-2_please-god-let-this-be-the-final.tiff’ file iterations they’ve fired off flash before their eyes in black and white.

But continuous updates to creative files isn’t always triggering. In some instances, like with this announcement, it’s cause for celebration.  

We’re happy to announce two big changes to employee files, namely our ‘Lauren-Simpson_contract-producer_we-need-to-lock-her-down’ and ‘Blair-Kimber_creative-director_how-did-we-ever-function-without-him’ folders, which are now nice and neat:

Lauren is a film gun we’ve been courting for a while. She studied film at California State University Long Beach and film and television at Swinburne University before clocking an MBA at the Australian Institute of Business. She’s since worked with international content companies the world over, racked up awards (check her website), and is currently the President of Women in Film & Television Victoria.

Now we’ve locked her down as our permanent producer she’s going to be front-and-centre behind the scenes, nailing the logistical gymnastics of creative coordination and taking productions from budget through to blockbusters.

Blair Kimber is a creative and art director with nearly as many Cannes, D&AD, and Webby’s Et Al awards as Drake has Hot 100 entries (190 to Drake’s 208, it’s close). He began as a product designer before scooting into graphic design and branding, and then settling into being the creative brains behind the operation. We shouted it from the rooftops when he came on board, but, as he’s been ranked as one of the top 50 art directors in the world, he’s also the type of creative whose moves are covered by the press.

Blair’s new position as Executive Creative Director not only sounds way cooler, it will see him delve deeper into the inner creative workings and opportunities at Keep Left, herding creative cats and wrangling pesky ideas into well behaved campaigns and content.

We’re amped to roll into 2021 with robust changes to Keep Left’s right-brained thinking and some new positions filed away. Still, we advise you watch this space — as is always the case with creative files, you can never count out one more ‘final’ edit.

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