Keep Left enters its red era with Campaign Brief Hot & Cold listing


When it comes to recognising an agency’s worth, size doesn’t matter (though it can certainly boost some egos). And in a world dominated by marketing agencies and their office dogs, standing out from the crowd with hot, creative work comes down to a single colour: red. 

What is the Hot and Cold List? 

Campaign Brief’s Hot and Cold List is a unique way of measuring an agency’s worth by judging their creative works in relation to their size. It’s a pretty colour gradient that charts an agency’s hotness, giving business a cheat sheet of who’s producing hot work and how big those agencies are. 

A left field approach

Our submission saw us highlight work across a multitude of clients that burst bubbles, ignited conversations, debunked common misconceptions, and featured a wallet-stealing monkey. 

We wanted to showcase work that embodied our ethos ‘ideas people choose’ – work that broke down silos and united the Keep Left team to tinker with game-changing concepts. It’s this co-creation that brought our clients’ vision to life (even when they didn’t know what their vision was). 

You can have a peek at the work we submitted with the links below: 

Entering our red era 

Our placement on this year’s list saw us ditching the peachy tones of 2022 and the salmon shade of 2023 – we’re now entering our red era. 

This growth is a testament to how we’ve built a creative business that champions the unique perspective of each team member, allowing us to push the boundary of what’s possible.  

And since the relaunch of the Keep Left brand, we’ve been embracing our new ethos of ‘Ideas People Choose’ through many initiatives that challenge our team to Go Further and Embrace Unlikeminded: 

  • Pizza and Pitch Night: Enjoying a slice of pizza (or two or three) while coming up with fun, creative concepts for a specific pitch or brief.  
  • Good Chats: Getting the whole gang together for a cheeky debate – encouraging cross-disciplinary thinking to gain a new perspective.  
  • Left Field Trips: An opportunity for our staff to walk (or run) a mile in someone else’s shoes – different experiences and perspectives to shape their work. 
  • What Good Looks Like: A weekly segment where our strategists share inspiration on the latest and greatest campaigns taking the world by storm – and on a Monday no less! 

We are excited to see what 2024 will throw at us – exploring creative ideas that will leave a scorch mark on next year’s list, possibly in the shape of an arrow…