Dear Clients, Here’s Why We’re Not in Today

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By the end of September we’re usually gearing up for Grand Final weekend, a welcomed milestone in a busy year celebrated by letting off a little steam. We rejoice, we relax, we recharge.  

In 2020 we’ve been forced to wait well into the year’s final quarter for that release, but of all the COVID disruptions this is one we have power over. We can’t move the match, but we can still keep the date. So this September 25, Keep Left is shutting up shop, powering down machines and firing up out-of-office replies.  

Of course, this isn’t really about the footy.  

You don’t need an industry report to tell you that workplace stresses have been pushed past the stage of keeping calm and carrying on. We need to recognise that afflicted mental health is not a part of the ‘new normal’; this is a situation we’ve had to get used to, but not one we can’t improve. Which is why we’re having an all-agency Wellbeing Day. Not a forced recharge or mental health day, simply a well-deserved long weekend as a small token of our appreciation to our team. 

We decided on the approach around R U OK Day. We could have sent out the perfunctory flowers or the cakes or the single-serve cocktails with little notes, but the truth is that our team has worked too hard for that. And if there’s one thing you want from your job when you’ve got a packed timesheet, it’s time off.  

We all know that a short week in agency land usually spells more stress than less, so ample preparation was taken; we rescheduled timelines and changed resourcing to ensure that this long weekend was a breeze and not a burden.  

To our clients: thanks for understanding, you’re all legends and we couldn’t do this without you. 

To our team: any work emails sent on Friday will result in a swift axing… kidding. But please don’t bother. For this machine to stay well-oiled, we need to look after our wellbeing. 

Written by Keep Left · · Office updates
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