Left-field ideas, powered by left-brain thinking.

A complicated world requires complex, clever ideas. Which is why we believe that creativity is fundamental in communicating and connecting with modern audiences.

In 2016 we took the plunge and went beyond telling stories with just words to bring design and video into the storytelling mix. From humble beginnings, we now have a slick and well-established in-house creative team of producers, directors, videographers, editors, graphic designers and copywriters who help deliver content that not only meets the brief, but stops audiences in their tracks.

And here at Keep Left, no one walks alone. Behind the scenes of our spectacular visuals and clever copy, our strategy team is hard at work, combining our creative left field ideas with analytical left brain thinking to develop solutions that address real marketing and business problems – from a bold new brand story and visual identity, to online and offline marketing collateral and the creative concepts for large scale, high-quality advertising and marketing campaigns.

In-house production studio.

To support our creative team, Keep Left offers a full suite of production services. That’s everything from beautifully-styled, perfectly-captured photographic shoots, to feature-film quality videography and print capabilities. Whether you need a cutting-edge OOH billboard, a minimalist flat-lay product brochure or a social media video that stops thumbs from scrolling past, we can help.

Our vibrant creative studio is a significant differentiator for Keep Left. Because the team is in-house, not freelance, they are plugged into the strategies and experiences we are delivering on behalf of clients and can truly capture the essence of the stories we want to tell.


Our creative and production services include:

Brand and advertising

  • Creative concepts
  • Identity development
  • Campaign development

Video production

  • Live action video production
  • Documentary style
  • TVCs

Design and Photography

  • Photoshoot planning and production
  • Digital and print design


  • Creative, Advertising and editorial