Keep Left Coronavirus Report: How to Respond to a Changing Consumer Psyche

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COVID-19 is unlike anything Australia has experienced in recent times. It has brought drastic change to everyone’s lives, permeating every facet of our day-to-day.

It’s a significant global event, one happening to us rather than one we observe happening to others on news or social media. As a result, we’re seeing high levels of uncertainty and anxiety across the board. Not so much about catching the virus, but about how life has and is going to continue to change, and for how long.

The impact on the consumer psyche will be significant and long-lasting. When this is all over, it won’t be case of going back to business as usual. What was usual may be unusual in a post-COVID world.

76% of Australians believe COVID-19 will have a significant impact on how we go about our lives in the future. Not only do businesses and brands need to adapt to the current climate to stay afloat, they also need to start planning for the revised standards that will eventuate at the other end of the crisis. Our COVID-19 Changing Consumer Psyche report examines how customer values are changing, their role in instigating behavioural change, and offers suggestions on how brands can respond to the current landscape and prepare for the new normal, including:

Positive and Negative Change

Schwartz’s theory of basic human values identifies ten values and links them to motivational goals. In the current climate, we’re observing a shift in values creating both positive and negative change. Universalism is on the rise, but so too is self-protection.
(Source: Schwartz 1992, 2015)

Media consumption

Digital channels should be the focus for any current marketing activity. In Australia, news, streaming services, broadcast TV, social media and messaging apps have all seen significant increases in consumption since the beginning of the outbreak
(Source: GlobalWebIndex, April 2020)

Preparing for Recovery

In planning for the recovery, businesses need to understand which values best sit with their brand, and then which customer groups they want to target. Are you going to help customers blaze an individual trail and succeed in the new world, or are you going to help them find comfort in their new normality?
(Source: BC: AC Life Before and After COVID-19, Social Soup/Pollinate, April 2020)

Aiding Routines in the New Normal

Routine is a source of comfort. Marketers have the ability to not only help establish new routines, but to create positive associations with these new habits by demonstrating consensus in behaviour. Helping customers establish routines that cut through the chaos is also a powerful opportunity to connect.
(Source: GlobalWebIndex, April 2020)

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