Content Marketing.

Brand publishing

Content marketing is the yin to PR’s yang. We understand that organisations sometimes want to be able to control the exact timing and message of their communications, and find a blend of earned media and content marketing strategy provides the perfect balance.

In developing this, we’ll map your customer journey and look at online search behaviour to identify what your audience is interested in, the questions they’re asking and the conversations you could be a part of. We’ll explore your owned assets and social media channels to set up the right environment for your brand to become a publisher. Our services include:

  • Customer persona mapping
  • Brand story development
  • Keyword strategy identification (SEO)
  • Technical site audit & recommendations

Taking your message to the world.

Once the upfront thinking is done, we’ll develop a content marketing strategy to publish your content across your owned and social media channels.

We don’t believe in serving up content for content’s sake. Our strategy will be informed by our data-driven insights to determine what content we produce, when we produce it and how it’s distributed. We’ll also work with digital marketing experts to design an appropriate amplification strategy based on your specific needs. Our services include:

Content marketing strategy development
Ongoing website and content optimisation (SEO)
Email marketing (eDM)
Digital KPI setting & reporting
Social media marketing 

Measurable results.

Of course, the best things about content marketing is its total measurability. We’ll take a benchmark reading of your website or blog performance at the beginning of the campaign and set measurable targets that we can review and track on a month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter basis.

The result? You will always know how the program is tracking supported by metrics, not just sentiment. It’s the perfect combination alongside an earned media strategy.