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Keep Left’s Creative Team Adds ‘Final_v?’ to Employee File

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Ask any agency creative team member if that file they’re saving is the final version and they’ll go blank as the amount of ‘client-feedback_final_final-2_please-god-let-this-be-the-final.tiff’ file iterations they’ve fired off flash before their eyes in black and white.

But continuous updates to creative files isn’t always triggering. In some instances, like with this announcement, it’s cause for celebration.  

We’re happy to announce two big changes to employee files, namely our ‘Lauren-Simpson_contract-producer_we-need-to-lock-her-down’ and ‘Blair-Kimber_creative-director_how-did-we-ever-function-without-him’ folders, which are now nice and neat:

Lauren is a film gun we’ve been courting for a while. She studied film at California State University Long Beach and film and television at Swinburne University before clocking an MBA at the Australian Institute of Business. She’s since worked with international content companies the world over, racked up awards (check her website), and is currently the President of Women in Film & Television Victoria.

Now we’ve locked her down as our permanent producer she’s going to be front-and-centre behind the scenes, nailing the logistical gymnastics of creative coordination and taking productions from budget through to blockbusters.

Blair Kimber is a creative and art director with nearly as many Cannes, D&AD, and Webby’s Et Al awards as Drake has Hot 100 entries (190 to Drake’s 208, it’s close). He began as a product designer before scooting into graphic design and branding, and then settling into being the creative brains behind the operation. We shouted it from the rooftops when he came on board, but, as he’s been ranked as one of the top 50 art directors in the world, he’s also the type of creative whose moves are covered by the press.

Blair’s new position as Executive Creative Director not only sounds way cooler, it will see him delve deeper into the inner creative workings and opportunities at Keep Left, herding creative cats and wrangling pesky ideas into well behaved campaigns and content.

We’re amped to roll into 2021 with robust changes to Keep Left’s right-brained thinking and some new positions filed away. Still, we advise you watch this space — as is always the case with creative files, you can never count out one more ‘final’ edit.

Keep Left appoints Creative Director Blair Kimber

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Marketing communications agency Keep Left has strengthened its creative department with the appointment of Blair Kimber as Creative Director. 

Previously Creative Director with Leo Burnett Melbourne, Blair brings over 20 years’ experience working in creative industries across Melbourne, London and Sydney. In 2015 and 2016, he ranked in the top 50 art directors in the world, and has been awarded at Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Webby’s, Clios, and AWARD. 

In his role at Keep Left, Blair will lead the Melbourne and Sydney creative client portfolios, utilising his previous experience with local and global brands such as Honda, SPC Ardmona, Nestle, Nintendo and Samsung to evolve the agency’s commercial creative offering. 

Caroline Catterall CEO of Keep Left said Blair’s appointment would elevate the agency’s creative offering to the next level. 

“Blair’s success with big, integrated campaigns across all channels is unmistakable, and that’s exactly the level we want the agency’s creative department operating at. 

“Telling a cohesive story that leads the audience to what you want them to do is something Blair specialises in, and we are excited to be able to offer this expertise to our clients.”  

On his decision to join Keep Left, Blair said, “Keep Left has both the talent and the clients to make great ideas come to life. I’m excited to help take the agency’s creative output to new heights.” 

Since joining the agency in July, Blair has been busy helming projects for ANZ, Openpay, Riverina Fresh and NEFF with plenty more in the pipeline. 

Keep Left’s client portfolio across its multi-disciplinary business includes Kathmandu, Greening Australia, University of Melbourne, Charter Hall and Guide Dogs Australia.   

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Dear Clients, Here’s Why We’re Not in Today

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By the end of September we’re usually gearing up for Grand Final weekend, a welcomed milestone in a busy year celebrated by letting off a little steam. We rejoice, we relax, we recharge.  

In 2020 we’ve been forced to wait well into the year’s final quarter for that release, but of all the COVID disruptions this is one we have power over. We can’t move the match, but we can still keep the date. So this September 25, Keep Left is shutting up shop, powering down machines and firing up out-of-office replies.  

Of course, this isn’t really about the footy.  

You don’t need an industry report to tell you that workplace stresses have been pushed past the stage of keeping calm and carrying on. We need to recognise that afflicted mental health is not a part of the ‘new normal’; this is a situation we’ve had to get used to, but not one we can’t improve. Which is why we’re having an all-agency Wellbeing Day. Not a forced recharge or mental health day, simply a well-deserved long weekend as a small token of our appreciation to our team. 

We decided on the approach around R U OK Day. We could have sent out the perfunctory flowers or the cakes or the single-serve cocktails with little notes, but the truth is that our team has worked too hard for that. And if there’s one thing you want from your job when you’ve got a packed timesheet, it’s time off.  

We all know that a short week in agency land usually spells more stress than less, so ample preparation was taken; we rescheduled timelines and changed resourcing to ensure that this long weekend was a breeze and not a burden.  

To our clients: thanks for understanding, you’re all legends and we couldn’t do this without you. 

To our team: any work emails sent on Friday will result in a swift axing… kidding. But please don’t bother. For this machine to stay well-oiled, we need to look after our wellbeing. 

ANZ partners with Keep Left for content marketing

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ANZ has appointed marketing and communications agency Keep Left as its content marketing partner for its Financial Wellbeing Program following a competitive pitch in late 2019.

The appointment has seen Keep Left collaborate with ANZ to develop a mobile-first digital content hub aimed at motivating and inspiring Australians to get on top of their financial health.

Launched in January 2020 as the online platform for ANZ’s current in-market Financial Wellbeing brand campaign, the program gives both ANZ and non-ANZ customers an easy to follow, actionable six-step program that encourages good money habits and promotes overall financial wellbeing.

Keep Left Managing Director, Gillian Gosling, said: “Our brief was to help ANZ bring its brand proposition to life through this digital environment and develop content that inspires people to take action and realise it’s not about how much money you have, but what you do with it.

“We worked with ANZ’s brand and content teams to ensure the copy and content of the program laddered up to the core idea that it feels good to get on top of your money.”

As of February 2020, the Financial Wellbeing hub met and exceeded all performance benchmarks, including a 35% conversion rate of the online Financial Wellbeing Calculator. 162,000 people visited the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Hub and average time on site sits at more than three minutes, one minute above benchmark.

The program invites people to learn their Financial Wellbeing score, and then provides a range of program modules including planning a budget, managing debt, setting a savings goal, organising accounts and wealth creation.

The Financial Wellbeing Program will remain a focus for ANZ in 2020 as part of its commitment to helping Australians improve their financial wellbeing and therefore, their overall health.

Keep Left’s scope for the launch phase included developing a content marketing strategy, editorial planning, UX design and copywriting.

Moving forward, Keep Left will continue to work with ANZ on Financial Wellbeing, connecting content with different audience segments at key life moments.

The Super Bowl ads worth watching

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Let’s face it, super bowl commercials can be more entertaining than the game itself.

For us, super bowl isn’t just about athleticism, it’s about creativity. It’s wild, whacky ideas that are shared by advertising giants across the globe. Millions of dollars are injected into these ads, that are bolstered by creative insights and set advertising trends for the year ahead.

There is a whole lot more to these commercials than their 30 seconds of airtime, so we’ve jumped in and analysed what makes these videos so memorable.

Here are our top four…

Cheetos popcorn

We’ve all been there. Someone needs you to do something, but your fingers are covered in bright orange Cheetos dust. This universally shared experience is what makes this commercial so easy to connect with. We love the reversal of roles, where the hero uses this perceived inconvenience to his advantage. However, we did question the inclusion of MC Hammer. Cheetos nailed it, without the need for a cameo.

Hyundai Smaht Pahk

2019 was the year of ‘not behd, good syze’. Hyundai has capitalised on butchering the English language with a new catchphrase ‘smaht pahk’, coined by Rachel Dracht. By the end of this 30-second spot, you will be enthusiastically repeating the trademarked Hyundai phrase to your family and friends. When a commercial can influence your behaviour like this, you know it’s powerful advertising.

Mr Peanut

There’s nothing like the fiery death of a corporate mascot to imbue feelings of warmth for a brand during peak messaging season. It says the brand doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which is a smart move for fast-moving consumer goods, like peanuts. Mr Peanut may be dead, but the brand will live on in the minds of consumers across the globe.

Amazon Alexa

When you pitch a comedy to a movie studio they say “great, this will be cheap – you just need a few people on a road trip.” When you pitch a funny commercial to a producer, the first thing they ask is “how many dragons do you need?” This ad is a classic example of exuberant amounts of money being spent on CGI, celebrity cameos and costumes. But we love it, nonetheless. Where would we be without Amazon Alexa?

Do you have a favourite commercial that didn’t make it to the list? Let us know in the comments below.


Keep Left wins PR account for Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

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Melbourne Star Observation Wheel has appointed marketing communications agency Keep Left as its national public relations partner, to drive external communications in collaboration with its in-house sales and marketing team.

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel has tasked Keep Left with increasing the brand exposure of the Melbourne Star, along with growing visitation with both the locals and tourists.

The scope includes public relations, influencer management, strategic partnerships and events.

Keep Left’s appointment comes alongside strong growth in visitation for Melbourne Star, which recently reported over 25% year-on-year increase in the international tourism market.

Melbourne Star Observation Wheel’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Nicole Hill explained that Melbourne Star is looking to reposition from a tourist attraction to an experiential venue ahead of its two millionth passenger in 2020.

“Melbourne Star Observation Wheel has been successfully operating as an attraction for six years, and we continue to see significant visitation growth from both local and international markets,

“Bringing Keep Left on board is a strategic move to position Melbourne Star as an intrinsic part of Melbourne – a natural extension of the city’s popular events, celebrations and must-do tourist itinerary.”


Keep Left CEO Caroline Catterall said the agency – which has just celebrated its 18th birthday – welcomed the opportunity to work more closely in the travel and tourism space.

“The addition of Melbourne Star Observation Wheel to Keep Left’s diverse portfolio leverages industry expertise across our Strategy, Creative, PR and Digital + Experience departments – as well as the teams’ passion for the industry.

“We’re excited to support Melbourne Star in its next phase of growth, re-positioning it to become an intrinsic part of the tourism and events scene in Melbourne.”

Keep Left’s client portfolio across its multi-disciplinary business includes Kathmandu, ME Bank, University of Melbourne, FIJI Water, NEFF, Charter Hall, Experian, and Guide Dogs.

Keep Left and Save the Children launch creative campaign to illustrate the impact of child abuse

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Leading child rights organisation Save the Children has launched an integrated marketing campaign called ‘Living in Fear’ to fundraise $100,000 in seven days, to help tackle the scourge of child abuse in Australia.

Every day, 88 children suffer abuse in Australia. That’s one child every 16 minutes.

The campaign designed by marketing communications agency Keep Left will be rolled out across Save the Children’s owned media channels, as well as paid and earned media.

Keep Left based the creative on the insight that child abuse, whether emotional or physical, may have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children. Without appropriate care from their families or support services, this may carry into adulthood.

As a result, many victims live in fear, which can make the most innocent things terrifying. This insight has been conceptualised in the campaign creative through the playing of the popular Australian children’s game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’

Save the Children Head of Marketing, Caroline Reid explained: “Childhood is supposed to be carefree, but in Australia, a child is abused every 16 minutes. This isn’t some foreign statistic; it’s occurring right around the country. The creative illustrates the shocking effects of abuse on children, and it’s a problem Australia needs to address.”

Keep Left CEO, Caroline Catterall said: “This was a difficult, but extremely important topic to tackle creatively. No child should live in fear and it’s our hope the funds raised through this campaign will help make large strides towards this being a reality.”

CEO of Save the Children Australia, Paul Ronalds said: “Save the Children is known for its work overseas, but child abuse in Australia is no less significant, yet much less understood. We have been developing Australian programs to help children suffering from abuse for over 100 years, but we need the nation to recognise the issues occurring in their own backyard and know how they can help save a child’s life.”

Consumer research linked to the campaign shows 35% of people don’t believe abuse is an issue affecting children in Australia, despite over a third saying they have been abused or know someone who has been.

“Intervening now could make a difference to thousands of lives. Child abuse, whether emotional or physical, is proven to have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children that they may carry into adulthood,” concluded Mr Ronalds.

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Keep Left appoints senior creative Helen Neville

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Marketing communications agency Keep Left has bolstered its creative arm with the appointment of Helen Neville as Senior Art Director.

Formerly Art Director with Clemenger BBDO, Neville brings eight years’ experience as both a conceptual and visual Art Director to Keep Left, having worked across a diverse portfolio of consumer-facing brands, namely in retail and automotive.

In her role with Keep Left, Neville will provide creative leadership across Melbourne and Sydney client portfolios, working closely with the existing team of strategists and creatives to develop brand-led, audience-centric campaigns that are channel agnostic.

Caroline Catterall, CEO of Keep Left said Neville’s appointment would move Keep Left from a content and storytelling agency to a more holistic creative agency, with an advertising lens.

“We’ve operated as a content agency for the past three years, and have increasingly seen our content used in advertising, particularly in digital placements, so it’s been a gradual but natural evolution that we’re ready to embrace.

“Helen brings the ideas, creative thinking and processes to help us navigate that bridge from content to creative,” Catterall added.  “Her advertising-led, proposition-based approach will be a great complement to the data-driven storytelling approach Keep Left is known for.

“Our clients are looking for assistance from insights, audience, and strategy through to creative and execution, so it’s great to be able to work with them every step of the way.”

Commenting on her decision to join Keep Left, Neville said, “The opportunity to join the team at this pivotal time was too good to refuse.  I can bring all the inspiration of ad-land to the table, and I’m excited to see where we can take it combining the different skills in the agency”.

Neville’s appointment coincides with Keep Left recently completing an org redesign that has seen the establishing of four distinct departments including:

Other recent new appointments to the agency include Sylvie Ellis who joined Keep Left as Content Strategist from Columbus, where she’d spent three years as Content and Social Specialist.

Keep Left’s client portfolio across its multi-disciplinary business includes Kathmandu, ME Bank, University of Melbourne, FIJI Water, NEFF, Charter Hall, Experian, Moula, and Guide Dogs.

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Coles Local appoints Keep Left for creative & content

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Keep Left has been awarded the creative and content account for Coles Local, an exciting new retail offering from Coles Supermarkets.

Coles Local is designed to inspire a love of quality food and provide a tailored, in-store culinary experience for the local community.

The first Coles Local store opened in Melbourne’s Surrey Hills on 13 November. The smaller format supermarket features 100% Australian grown fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fresh seafood. It also boasts an in-store chef and exclusive products from speciality and artisan suppliers such as Meatsmith, MoVida, Brunetti and Laurent, with a strong focus on the environment and local community.


Peta Allsopp, Head of Local & Special Projects Marketing at Coles, said the support of a creative and content agency that understood storytelling was essential to help differentiate the Coles Local brand in Australia.

“Coles Local is here to give local communities the convenience of a supermarket, with the character and experience of a speciality store and to make shopping, cooking and eating a joy.”

“We were looking for an agency with a strong strategic, creative and digital skillset to help us launch this new brand in Australia and were impressed with Keep Left’s integrated offering.”

Keep Left’s scope of work includes creative and content production, including OOH and print advertising, bespoke magazine content and design, hero video production, always-on social creative and management of biddable media across Facebook and Instagram.

Keep Left Acting CEO, Caroline Catterall, said working with Coles Local had provided a great opportunity to road test the agency’s new in-house kitchen studio.

“The Coles Local magazine shoot gave us the chance to put the space to the test and I’m pleased to say the feedback from the photographers and stylists was very positive,” said Catterall.  “It’s a real bonus to have a fully-functioning kitchen in our Melbourne head office that we can use for recipe shoots, flat lays and to generally produce high quality food creative at a competitive price.”

Keep Left’s creative content team also currently work with Domaine Chandon, NEFF Australia and the University of Melbourne.

This news follows the opening of Keep Left’s Sydney office last month.

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Everything you need to know about our Sydney expansion

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Originally published in B&T and Mumbrella.

On the eve of its 17th birthday, communications and content marketing agency, Keep Left, has opened its first office in Sydney.

The office will be led by long-time team member Libby Britten, who has been promoted to Strategy & Client Services Manager and will lead the growth of the company’s PR, creative and performance clients headquartered in Sydney.

Keep Left has also bolstered its management team with the appointment of Susan Horn as Head of Content Marketing and Creative Services.  Horn first established Keep Left’s consumer division in 2007, and in the last eight years has worked at L’Oréal and Fonterra in general brand marketing roles, before rejoining Keep Left in September 2017.

Horn will lead Keep Left’s portfolio of content clients including the University of Melbourne and NEFF Australia, as well as providing creative leadership to the agency’s thriving creative production studio.

Completing the growth trifecta, former General Manager of Vizeum and Posterscope, David Campbell, has joined the Keep Left management team in a commercial advisory capacity.

Campbell will work with the Keep Left management team on the implementation of the agency’s three-year strategic plan and key initiatives associated with this.

Keep Left CEO, Gillian Gosling, said the appointments would help Keep Left prepare for its next phase of growth as it edges closer to full-service.

“Keep Left has doubled in size since the launch of our integrated offering and we plan to continue the growth while promoting a high-performance culture in the next three years.  

“It’s only natural for us to have feet on the ground in Sydney and we’re confident that this, combined with the recent management appointments, will take the agency to the next level,” she added.

Gosling will be on maternity leave from mid-October, handing the CEO reins back to Founder Caroline Catterall for six months.  As Acting CEO, Catterall will oversee business strategy, people & culture, client satisfaction and finance.