Creative Boss Blair Kimber’s Favourite Cannes Lions Festival Campaign Winners

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Another year, another Cannes Lions festival in the books. As always, there were loads of great campaigns that left our creative team inspired and a little green with envy. 

Here are three of my favourite winners from this year’s festival.

This work for one of the world’s largest brewers makes me jealous: by supporting farmers, it does great things while undeniably linking the product to a higher purpose.

These kinds of campaigns are ambitious and incredibly hard to pull off, but agency FCB Chicago/New York did an impeccable job of creating clear and meaningful action that not only helps the planet, but the very people who make their products. A very cool initiative.

Burger King and agency David came up with a bloody clever idea with this virtual reality campaign.

They spent as little money as possible on English Football League sponsorship and then used free burgers to convince EA FIFA 20 gamers to do all the marketing work them. A classic example of knowing the how to bend the game in your favour.

This is my favourite piece out of Australia this year, as it taps into a very real problem of falling charity donation. This Royal Australian Mint campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne produced more than a physical Donation Dollar, but they gave the coin power in its symbolism. It reminds those fortunate enough to be able to donate that they should. 

Small actions can have big results, raising ongoing attention to issues that many of us haven’t given much thought. Nice work.

Keep Left and Save the Children launch creative campaign to illustrate the impact of child abuse

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Leading child rights organisation Save the Children has launched an integrated marketing campaign called ‘Living in Fear’ to fundraise $100,000 in seven days, to help tackle the scourge of child abuse in Australia.

Every day, 88 children suffer abuse in Australia. That’s one child every 16 minutes.

The campaign designed by marketing communications agency Keep Left will be rolled out across Save the Children’s owned media channels, as well as paid and earned media.

Keep Left based the creative on the insight that child abuse, whether emotional or physical, may have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children. Without appropriate care from their families or support services, this may carry into adulthood.

As a result, many victims live in fear, which can make the most innocent things terrifying. This insight has been conceptualised in the campaign creative through the playing of the popular Australian children’s game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose.’

Save the Children Head of Marketing, Caroline Reid explained: “Childhood is supposed to be carefree, but in Australia, a child is abused every 16 minutes. This isn’t some foreign statistic; it’s occurring right around the country. The creative illustrates the shocking effects of abuse on children, and it’s a problem Australia needs to address.”

Keep Left CEO, Caroline Catterall said: “This was a difficult, but extremely important topic to tackle creatively. No child should live in fear and it’s our hope the funds raised through this campaign will help make large strides towards this being a reality.”

CEO of Save the Children Australia, Paul Ronalds said: “Save the Children is known for its work overseas, but child abuse in Australia is no less significant, yet much less understood. We have been developing Australian programs to help children suffering from abuse for over 100 years, but we need the nation to recognise the issues occurring in their own backyard and know how they can help save a child’s life.”

Consumer research linked to the campaign shows 35% of people don’t believe abuse is an issue affecting children in Australia, despite over a third saying they have been abused or know someone who has been.

“Intervening now could make a difference to thousands of lives. Child abuse, whether emotional or physical, is proven to have a lasting impact on the social and intellectual development of children that they may carry into adulthood,” concluded Mr Ronalds.

Help save a child from abuse by donating now via


Campaign credits

Save the Children

 Keep Left – Creative Agency

 Keep Left – Production Company

 Keep Left – Strategy & PR

 Keep Left – Digital Media

Keep Left is in the running for six major awards – including Medium Consultancy of the Year

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Industry award season is here and Keep Left has been shortlisted in six individual categories, showcasing industry leading campaigns across communications, creative services, digital and content marketing.

This time of year is always exciting for us. It’s an opportunity to put our most innovative campaigns forward and watch them compete (and sometimes conquer) the best in the business.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that a number of our 2018 campaigns have been shortlisted in six individual categories, including PRIA’s Medium Consultancy of the Year. That’s a record for us and no mean feat in such a competitive digital, social and communications landscape.

We are extremely proud of our team for standing by our values of pushing boundaries, continuously challenging our clients to think outside the box. Not just in the realm of public relations, but across the board, from investor relations to content marketing.

Notably, our national Orthodontics Australia brand campaign was shortlisted for PRIA’s Digital and Social Campaign as well as B&T’s Content Marketing Strategy of the Year. Through this campaign, we set out to educate the Australian public on the key difference between a dentist and an orthodontist –combining creative, content marketing and public relations to deliver a seamless brand experience across various platforms. And it certainly paid off.

Here’s the full list of what we’ve been shortlisted for this year:

PRIA Golden Target Awards

The PRIA Golden Target Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious public relations and communication industry awards in Australia. They celebrate strategic thinking, creativity, and excellence in program implementation across 30 award categories. We have been shortlisted for five categories including:

B&T Awards

The B&T Awards is Australia and New Zealand’s benchmark for effective creative marketing communications. It’s judged by more than 100 of Australia’s most experienced marketers with 36 categories that cover the full gamut of the communications discipline, from the best out of home campaign to the best use of AR. This year, we have been shortlisted for content marketing strategy of the year for Orthodontics Australia’s 3 Years Brand Campaign. Click here to learn more about the campaign.

We are incredibly proud to be recognised for the success of these campaigns and look forward to keeping you updated with how it all goes.

Keep Left wins Experiential Marketing Campaign of the year

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Last summer, Keep Left and Kathmandu co-ordinated a live scavenger hunt that encouraged Kathmandu fans to embrace their inner explorer and get outdoors. New and existing customers unlocked a series of clues on social media to find a secret campsite hidden away in the Great Australian Outdoors.

All the late nights, early mornings and country film expeditions to make the competition happen have paid off with Keep Left winning PRIA’s Experiential Marketing Campaign of the Year.

Our paid social media strategy through Jules Lund, Wombat and NOVA was a success with almost 1.5 million social impressions and over 100 people travelling to Kinglake in search of the grand prize. At the end of the campaign, Keep Left reached 3.9 million people through eight pieces of earned editorial content, making the experiential marketing campaign a success.

Hidden retreat proved that the true power of social media lies in its ability to connect a brand to its fans, not just online, but also in the real world. Mobile technology doesn’t have to inhibit outdoor exploration, in fact, it can encourage it.

Read more about the winning campaign here

How can PR adapt to a more concentrated media landscape?

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The Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media merge is one of the most significant events in Australia’s media history. This will have a profound impact on public relations specialists who need to adapt to provide valuable media relations in an uncertain broadcast future.

For PR teams to cut through, an integrated approach to client storytelling is crucial. Only the most agile agencies who can offer multimedia content packages with data, expert opinion, case studies and cross-channel graphic content will survive.

Want to learn more about how to succeed in a post-Fairfax world?

Check out this Mumbrella article, featuring out Head of Corporate Communications, Tim Lele.

Sun, sand and sediment: Supporting Greening Australia

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While the rest of our office was acclimatising to the oncoming winter this past May, Account Director Tom escaped Melbourne for sunny North Queensland. Luckily for his hard-working team back home (not to mention Tom’s delicate skin), this trip wasn’t just about lazing on sandy beaches, but rather helping Greening Australia announce a breakthrough in its water quality project that’s helping to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Next to climate change, poor water quality is the biggest threat to the future of the Great Barrier Reef as it reduces the ability for coral to recover – but unlike climate change this is an issue we’re able to address in the short-term. Greening Australia has been working with local landholders, corporate partners and the Australian Government to help meet the goals set out in the Reef 2050 plan.

As part of the Gully Remediation program held at Strathalbyn Station just south of Townsville, where gullies had previously exported an average of 956 tonnes of sediment per hectare per year since 1945. This May, the Greening Australia team of experts revealed that the Reef Aid program had seen a 97 per cent decrease in sediment concentration at the site, with potential for these results to be replicated in other areas.

Members of the media who joined Tom on his Townsville trip were treated to a presentation of the scientific findings, given access to Greening Australia experts and the site’s landowner, as well as a helicopter ride to provide an aerial perspective of the work being done and its effects further downstream.

Securing coverage across the TV, radio, print and online media outlets, including the Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, SBS Radio, ABC RadioChannel 7 and Channel 9, the 71 pieces of media coverage had a combined reach of over 17 million people. In addition, we managed to confirm a global feature story with CNN that is set to air in late June (watch this space!).

Greening Australia’s impressive results speak for themselves, but they still require support to be able to scale up the project and meet the Reef 2050 goals, including a 50% reduction in sediment load by 2030. To support this fantastic initiative, you can give a tax deductible donation here:

FIJI Water at Dinner en Blanc

Keeping hydrated at Diner en Blanc

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FIJI Water at Dinner en Blanc

This February, over 2,000 guests gathered for an evening of fine dining and culture for Melbourne’s fourth Diner en Blanc. Dressed all in white, guests arrived at the Melbourne Museum Plaza ready for an elegant evening of fine dining at the chic picnic. And of course, FIJI Water was there to ensure everyone was properly hydrated throughout the night.

Despite a worrying weather forecast that made a dark cloud hang over the event during preparation, the rain passed to make for a perfect evening.

Anna McEvoy and her partner were our guests for the evening, sharing their unique date night on Instagram and in a vlog with subtle nods to FIJI Water scattered throughout.

The beautiful blue of the FIJI Water bottles stood out against the brilliant white backgrounds of the dinner setting, making them a favourite feature for guests’ photographs.

Melbourne traffic congestion

Lefties on location: a four-day shoot and a stint in the boot

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Recently, a contingent of the Keep Left content production team embarked on something of a mammoth task: to shoot footage for a high production value campaign at over 12 different locations across Victoria, in just four days.

From the South Melbourne Market to the Northern suburbs and a beach on the Mornington Peninsula, the team covered significant ground. Not only was producer and director Ant Dinham managing a team of three Lefties and several highly specialised external crew members, but also co-ordinating a cohort of 11 actors, including six kids, and one very enthusiastic canine.

We broke a sweat just thinking about it, but Ant was cool as a cucumber when we asked him to tell us about the experience. “It went very well”, he responded, with a look that said ‘duh’.

We’d expect nothing less!

Keep Left videographer Kate on a brand campaign shoot

Personal space?

Ant’s small crew were shooting handheld, which meant they could be nimble in getting from one shoot to another. “Whenever I direct a shoot, one of my goals is to maximise value. Working with a pared-back team as we did on this shoot, it meant that no crew member was sitting around waiting for their part to happen. It was all very hands-on throughout the four days,” Ant told us.

“Even as the director, when I wasn’t blocking out our shots or working with actors to get their performances down, I was functioning as our art and wardrobe departments. As a producer, I was always conscious of the tight deadline we had with this project, so time management was key.”

Keep Left content production team shoots a yoga class

In the yoga studio

Kate Tartsus, who was director of photography on the shoot, is a self-confessed lighting geek, and the range of locations put her skills to the test. “Shooting at the beach was a bit tricky as there was a storm brewing and the light was inconsistent. I’m pleased with the result, though!” she tells us.

Mother and daughter surfing

The perfect storm

“That’s actually one of my favourite scenes,” added Ant. “We could have gone for a spectacular beach with a dramatic landscape, but it wasn’t about that. The scene was about a mother and daughter reconnecting and sharing a moment. In the sequence, we followed them walking out of the trees and onto the beach, and although it’s beautiful, the scenery is secondary to the action and the story we’re telling.”

Surely, with so many locations and actors in the mix, there must have been some funny moments?

“Actually, there were a couple”, says Ant. “We had cast two actors independently in mother and daughter roles, as we thought there was some similarity in their features. But when they turned up on set, they knew each other. It turned out that they were actually distantly related!”

“Plus there were a few moments of improvisation. But, you know, nothing a bit of creative thinking can’t fix,” Kate adds.

Well, the best laid plans and all that.

Videographer Kate creates a make-shift car rig

No car rig? No problem!

So who is the mystery client behind this mammoth project? We’ll give you a hint: what could you do in three years?

Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal!

TEAM: Kate, Ant, Tash, and Tom from Keep Left + 2 external crew members


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Melbourne traffic congestion

Where to from HERE?

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Traffic congestion is changing the way Australians think about transportation. The more clogged our cities’ roads become, the more changes we are willing to make to avoid the fight against traffic on our daily commute. This is what Keep Left discovered in the latest research we commissioned for HERE Technologies.

HERE report

Designed by the Keep Left content team, the report Where to from HERE: Mapping multi-modal movement in Australia, uses HERE’s location data capabilities to conduct traffic analyses of the major cities in Australia to identify their most congested roads and areas. It also includes consumer insights garnered from Pure Profile, to find causal relationships between the congestion of roads and the changing behaviours of consumers.

Despite the public and private sectors’ best efforts to tackle the issue with a renewed investment transport infrastructure, HERE’s report provided a snapshot into how consumers will interact with transport well into the future, demonstrating that a world of four wheels per person is completely unsustainable.

To help understand and guide authoritative perspectives on the road forward, the report explores how location technology based solutions can help build a sustainable future for Australia’s road networks and burgeoning population of commuters.

Melbourne traffic congestionMaking use of HERE Technologies’ tools, Keep Left brought the traffic congestion data to life by creating a full suite of GIFs showing the impact of traffic on each of the surveyed cities during peak rush hour.

We spoke to real people to capture their thoughts on Australia’s congested cities, producing a vox-pop style video to share with media.

A targeted strategy and offering a complete package to media – consisting of localised media releases with city-specific news hooks, interviews, a robust report, illustrative GIFs and a vox-pop video – helped Keep Left achieve its most successful campaign to date with HERE Technologies, securing nationwide print, online and broadcast media.

HERE news coverage

The report launch resulted in 39 pieces of earned media coverage, getting in front of almost 30 million people with newspaper stories appearing in The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, The Herald Sun and The West Australian to name a few.

The report has further positioned HERE a thought leader that is assisting to solve the complex challenges impacting the way Australians travel.

You can read HERE’s full report here.

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ME Bank HFCR 2018

How Keep Left helped ME Bank’s HFCR cut through the noise

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After thirteen editions of their biannual Household Financial Comfort Report, super-fund owned bank, ME, is now firmly established as the go-to experts on what’s impacting Australians’ hip pockets. For the 5th year in a row, Keep Left took the reins for a PR campaign to release the report to the public, targeting national and metropolitan news outlets spanning TV, radio, print and digital media with exceptional results.

The report came up against stiff competition in the financial news cycle, with the ABS releasing their cost of living data, a widely-publicised ASX crash, and a similar report from a partnership between Newscorp and Australian National University (ANU) all going live within the same three-day period as ME’s HFCR.

By implementing a tried and tested media strategy, which included pre-pitching a week out from the report’s launch and targeting property writers and publications with data relating to mortgage stress, the Keep Left team garnered an incredible 286 pieces of coverage for the report. Volume of coverage is an important KPI for ME with the HFCR, so this was a terrific result.

This includesd 40 print and online stories including AFR, The Age, The Australian, Domain, Business Insider and The Herald Sun; 16 radio interviews on ABC Radio National; and 230 pieces of TV coverage, including an interview with ME’s Consulting Economist, Jeff Oughton, for Channel 10 which was syndicated 47 times.

Taking their learnings from previous years on board allowed the team to expand their pitching opportunities and gain national attention for the report despite a particularly competitive cycle. Well done team!

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