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It’s not often our work impacts lives in such a direct way.

But this week, Keep Left had the privilege of working with Ambulance Victoria to launch a lifesaving smartphone app, through an integrated campaign which included tear jerking videos, action orientated media coverage and a huge government, stakeholder and media event.

Ambulance Victoria's GoodSAM app

The innovative GoodSAM app alerts qualified registered first responders, such as off-duty paramedics, firefighters, doctors and nurses to a nearby cardiac arrest after a call is made to Triple Zero (000).

Its already helped save the lives of two Victorians through the pilot phase where more than 1000 Ambulance Victoria paramedics volunteered and through our campaign to drive more registrations, we’ve helped grow the army of Good Samaritans ready save more lives.

Ambulance Victoria GoodSAM app

The technology can alert up to three nearby responders, using GPS to direct them to the patient and the nearest publicly accessible defibrillator to start the chain of survival before emergency services arrive.

Why the big deal? Every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival from cardiac arrest by 10 percent, so while an ambulance is on its way, the GoodSAM app connects patients with first responders to start the chain of survival.

GoodSAM defibrilator Keep Left campaign

Keep Left and Ambulance Victoria worked together to deliver an integrated approach to the campaign, which had three vital stages

1. Driving defibrillator registrations through targeted Victorian metro and regional media and social content amplification

2. Increasing registrations amongst the first responder community through engaging insights-led video content

3. A significant launch event with a well-coordinated package to raise awareness of the app (and why a paramedic in their PJs could save your life).

Showcasing the functions of the app, stories of cardiac arrest survivors and an emotive case study demonstrating the power of GoodSAM, our film production helped add heart to an important technological development (and we’re pretty sure a tear in The Hon Premier Daniel Andrew’s eye.) He wasn’t the only one though – grab the tissue box and take a look for yourself:

And the results have been powerful.

Key messages delivered through hundreds of pieces of high quality metro and regional TV, radio, print and online media coverage.

Every minute without CPR following a cardiac arrest reduces the chance of survival by 10%
This App is saving lives. It connects people having a heart attack with trained professionals nearby so they can get to the scene first while an ambulance is still on the way. #9Today pic.twitter.com/0FB2OKWnUR

— The Today Show (@TheTodayShow) May 30, 2018

Thousands of video views. Millions of eyeballs reached.

Help for cardiac arrest patients is closer than ever before. Now when 000 is called, not only will an ambulance be sent, but nearby off-duty medical professionals will also be alerted. @MelinaSarris7 #7News pic.twitter.com/wcI2x13pRd

— 7 News Melbourne (@7NewsMelbourne) May 29, 2018

But more importantly, a huge increase in registrations for life saving defibrillators and first responders amongst the Victorian community to hopefully save many, many more lives.

Well done Ambulance Victoria.

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